American Alligator Boots

American Alligator Boots

If you are looking for the most comfortable and stylish alligator boots, you should definitely consider buying an American Alligator pair. These boots are made of the highest-quality alligator leather. While most alligator skins are farm-raised, some are actually captured in the wild. Generally, farm-raised hides are more durable and come with fewer scars or blemishes.

The leather used in these shoes is either alligator skin or imitation. Some people may be fooled by imitation leather or printed leather. If the leather and pattern are uniform, you’re probably looking at a fake. The skin of real alligators is different in color and has natural scars. A uniform skin is a telltale sign of fake boots. Any boot that appears cheaply made is most likely fake.

Although crocodile skin is much more common than alligator skin, the difference in appearance is not overwhelming. American Alligator skin has a distinctive umbilical scar, which resembles a belly button. The scales surrounding the swollen, round mark are smaller and more uniform than those surrounding it. These boots also don’t have an umbilical mark, unlike crocodile skin.

These boots have an exotic look and are made from premium leather. Lucchese boots have cream cow vamp linings that complement the red gator skin. Detailed stitching on the shafts creates a stunning design that flows with the giant scale pattern on the vamp. A reputable brand is the best place to shop for authentic American Alligator Boots.

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