American Decay Bryan Sansivero

American Decay by Bryan Sansivero

Photographer Bryan Sansivero has documented the decay of abandoned houses across the U.S. for his series American Decay. The photos in this book offer a glimpse into the lives of the people who once lived in these places, and what the buildings have become in the process. In the first edition of this book, released in 2021, the images are breathtaking and eerie. These images are sure to inspire you.

Sansivero captures abandoned circus-themed houses as well as abandoned houses. The Catskill Clown House, one such house, has been featured on numerous news sites and blogs. It sits on the site of an abandoned winery. There are four to five outbuildings, and grapes grow on the vines. Bright colors are used in the interior. The house has been sold since the time it was photographed.

Sansivero uses Instagram to get his inspiration. He works his way through neighborhoods looking for abandoned homes. He also relies on word-of mouth to find these places. He often finds letters from former residents in these abandoned houses that he uses to trace their owners. Most of the abandoned homes have sad histories. Sansivero’s photos include homes that were abandoned due to animal abuse. Others contain old chandeliers or CRT televisions.

Bill Sansivero took the photos of the decayed house. It was a place that was once inhabited. The house was often unkempt, and the smell was funky. The house also contained some personal items such as an old hunting rifle and a tiger skin rug. It was common to arrange the contents of the house in a way that created the perfect composition.

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