America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzers

America’s Got Talent – Golden Buzzers

Over the years, America’s Got Talent’s Golden Buzzers has produced many memorable moments. The show’s judges are accompanied by a panel made up of celebrities who can award the contestant one of the highly sought-after golden buzzers. The buzzer, pushed by a celebrity judge, sends the contestant through to the live performances. NBC’s reality series also features guest judges who can push buzzer during the Judge Cuts round.

Season 15 follows the same format as seasons 11-14. However, the production was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Judge Cuts were also changed. Guests Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel gave Golden Buzzers to the 12-year-old Voices of Our City Choir, Heidi Klum pressed the button to award the French quick-change artist Lea Kyle, and Mel B pressed the golden buzzer for a Ukrainian light-up dance group called Light Balance.

AGT is known for its revealing auditions. The 2022 season’s premiere season demonstrated that there are many potential stars still to be discovered. While many contestants may move on to the next round, only a few will be awarded golden buzzers by judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara. Here’s what you can expect if you missed the show:

Two contestants’ performances blew the judges away. Madison Taylor Baez, a young singer, sang “Amazing Grace” to captivate the judges. This is the first time an 11-year old singer has won an America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer. She was a fan favorite since childhood and has been awarded a Grammy Award. Rumours abound that she could be the next Selena Quintanilla.

Season fifteen saw the introduction of Golden Buzzers for the first time. Simon Cowell was injured in his back and was unable host the live shows during the fifteenth season. Cowell was placed under observation by doctors for several weeks. Production had to rush in substitutes for Cowell for the first two quarterfinal shows. Season 16 was a match for Britain’s Got Talent. The Golden Buzzers are a positive addition to the show but they can also be a problem.

During the auditions, the Golden Buzzers were not used. Freckled Sky performed in the quarterfinals. However, Sharon Irving and Boogie Storm were the other Golden Buzzer acts. However, in the semifinals, V.Unbeatable placed in fifth place while Drew Lynch took home the second place prize. The winner of the season was Kodi Lee, a former contestant of the show.

Season 16 saw all four acts that earned Golden Buzzers make it to the Finals. The only exceptions to this were the Voices of Our City Choir and the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew. In addition to them, there were also two teen singers, Daneliya Tuleshova and Courtney Hadwin. The judges have a good track record of giving Golden Buzzers. There were no acts who did not receive a Golden Buzzer throughout the seasons.

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