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73-Year-Old Franklin County Attorney Arrested on Child Sexual Abuse Charges

In October 2021, a report was filed with police alleging sexual abuse between Wiechmann and several of his step-grandchildren over time. Due to his history as Franklin County attorney, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was brought in as part of their investigation process.

Last week, Daniel Wiechmann from Hampton plead guilty to three Felony charges – Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree (Class C Felony), two Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse, and one count of Indecent Exposure. As punishment he received a suspended prison sentence with two years probation.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wiechmann of Hampton was arrested this week on charges that he sexually abused several male relatives over time. Police claim he groomed the victims by discussing masturbation, puberty and asking to view their genitals; these conversations ultimately lead to him engaging in sexually abusive activity against them. Wiechmann faces one count of third-degree sexual abuse as well as two charges of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse as well as one charge of indecent contact with a minor; Franklin and Dallas counties joined in prosecuting this case alongside Iowa Department of Public Safety while Attorney Disciplinary Board wants his law license suspended; however he maintains this is unnecessary as his legal license may already has been suspended by Iowa Supreme Court.

Thomas Wiechmann of Austin was recently sentenced to three years supervised probation for embezzling over $600,000. Wiechmann worked as the CFO at Reichel Foods but is accused of using company credit cards for personal purchases using company funds.

Professional Career

Daniel Wiechmann, 73, from Hampton was taken into custody Tuesday evening by troopers with the Iowa State Patrol on warrants from Polk, Dallas and Franklin counties.

Police believe he abused multiple underage children over an extended period of time, engaging in sexual acts with them including improper touching, discussing masturbation and gazing upon their genitals.

The Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board requested that Wiechmann be suspended from practicing law; however, he is challenging this request on grounds that any offenses committed during his legal practice were unrelated to Polk and Dallas Counties offenses he plead guilty to.

Achievement and Honors

He has received many honors and awards during his professional career, such as the Komen for the Cure/AACR scholar-in-training award and his research was recognized by the Society of Surgical Oncology. Furthermore, he completed both a General Surgery Residency at TUFTS St Elizabeth Medical Center and a clinical fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

He is charged with sexually abusing young male relatives from Franklin County. Court documents allege he “groomed” these children by discussing masturbation and asking to view their genitalia, according to court documents.

Over 2,000 undergraduate students earned highest honors for their academic achievements during the spring semester of 2022-2023. Honor Roll sophomores included Abigail Albiter; Kyla Baker; Connor Bartle; James Berry; Allyvia Betts; Hailee Bressner (Hailee and Jared Bressner), Parker Brockett; Grasey Collins, Addisonn Shaw and Izayli Serna-Woods to name but a few.

Personal Life

Wiechmann was accused of sexually abusing children throughout his legal career. On October 25, 2021, after being investigated by police in Iowa and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. Eventually he was arrested.

Prosecutors believe Wiechmann inappropriately touched multiple children and told them sexually explicit material. He allegedly inquired into masturbation, puberty and their genitalia before awakening a sleeping child so he could view down their shorts to gather wood for his morning fire.

The 73-year-old man was charged with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse, two of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse, and serious misdemeanor indecent exposure in Polk, Dallas and Franklin Counties. As punishment he received 14 days in prison with two years probationary supervision pending registration as a sexual offender.

Net Worth

Daniel Wiechmann of Hampton is charged with multiple counts involving sexual abuse of minors. Last week he was taken into custody by Iowa State Patrol Troopers serving warrants in Polk, Dallas and Franklin Counties. The investigation first began October 25 when Ankeny police filed an report detailing historical sexual misconduct between Wiechmann and juvenile stepchildren dating back several years; as there was an apparent conflict of interest at the county attorney’s office they sought assistance from Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for assistance.

Reichel Foods recently filed suit against Thomas Wiechmann of Austin for using company credit card rewards without their knowledge or authorization and then falsely claiming them on expense reimbursement requests. The suit also names Bradley and Daniel Wiechmann of Austin.

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