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Anitta Bryan’s Relationship Status

After a brief relationship with Pablo, Anitta Bryan was engaged to Brazilian businessman Thiago Magalhaes in 2017. After just five months together, they decided to get married in the Amazon. Fans feared that Anitta was just using the relationship as a way to distract from Pablo. However, the reality show star revealed that the romance has ended. However, fans can’t be sure.

Though Anitta and Chris appeared to be happy together, the couple’s relationship quickly soured. After a string of public appearances and mushy pictures, Anitta filed for divorce in 2018. The relationship has been called a rebound marriage by many fans. While the divorce is not confirmed, it’s important to note that Anitta has a long list of relationships. The following are the most popular and interesting.

Anitta’s relationship status is constantly in flux. While she’s open to all types of love, she has expressed her desire to kiss girls. She is also an active supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. She has been romantically involved with Gui Araujo and has confessed that she likes kissing girls. Gui Araujo, who was a co-star in the MTV reality show Big Brother, has also been linked to Anitta.

Although the relationship between Anitta and Murda is new, it’s definitely something to watch out for. They were seen on a recent trip to Brazil to meet Anitta’s family. The pair also spent time making music together. It’s unclear if the couple will get married anytime soon. Until then, it remains to be seen if the relationship is real. If you have a crush on Anitta, don’t hesitate to get involved with it!

Anitta’s relationship status is just as erratic as her career. The Brazilian reggaeton queen recently shared some romantic photos with Pedro Scooby. Pedro Scooby is 30 years old. The two travelled to Milan and Bali together recently. The reggaeton queen is reportedly dating a Brazilian surfer. Anitta’s Instagram account has a message from her new boyfriend with a simple postcard.

The two have been dating since June of this year. The Brazilian singer has recently signed a contract with Nubank, which helps Brazilian immigrants save for their future. This relationship is a perfect fit as the latter hopes to promote financial security to Latin American residents. The couple was also seen participating in several competitions together. The couples even disputed who won a competition to hold an orange between their foreheads. Despite their recent relationship, they are still very close and support one another.

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