Ariana And Evans

Ariana & Evans Fruit De La Passion Review

Ariana & Evans’ Fruit De La Passion is a fruity and floral scent that combines sweetness and bitterness. The scent begins with a mix of cinnamon, vanilla, fig leaf, and blackcurrant, then warms to a lingering base of sandalwood and earthy oud. The scent’s sweet and earthy notes are balanced by the sweetness of lilac, rose, and saffron.

This artisan brand produces shaving soaps, aftershaves, balms, colognes, and skin care products. Each product is made in the USA. The brand’s goal is to make men’s grooming as easy and relaxing as possible. Through its online presence, it aims to foster a sense of community among men. The Ariana & Evans website offers information on its products, including the ingredients.

Ariana & Evans was founded by Peter Charkalis. It is a niche brand that appeals to wet shaving and fragrance lovers. It is a premium brand that offers outstanding performance and a fantastic scent at a great value. The brand’s goal is to make niche perfumery more accessible and to make it more affordable for everyone. In short, Ariana & Evans’ products are a must for men who want to feel special without breaking the bank.

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