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Why Ariana Grande Keeps Her Hair So Natural

When it comes to hair, no one can top Ariana Grande. From her signature ponytail to her glossy pigtails, Ariana Grande knows how to keep her hair looking gorgeous and on-trend. Recently, the star spoke out about how she got her signature look. And while her hairstyles have come and gone over the years, some of her look stays consistent. Take a look at her most recent photos to see how she keeps her blonde locks voluminous.

In one photo, she has a high ponytail, while in another, she wears her hair in a looser ponytail. In another photo, she has her hair down with platinum blonde locks. Her hair is healthy, but fans are left wondering how she does it! While there are many reasons to question Ariana Grande’s hairstyles here are some of the reasons she keeps it so natural.

The singer is a master of details, and she rarely changes her hairstyle. Ariana Grande usually wears a high ponytail, a voluminous bun, or a poker-straight ponytail. She has worn ombre extensions and icy wigs, but she has also experimented in color and texture. Even her cat ear headbands have rhinestones!

In one of her latest appearances, Ariana Grande wore her hair in a red ponytail with a Sam & Cat ponytail. While her ponytail is still a signature of hers, she has recently experimented with a ’60s vibe and added retro styling with sci-fi style hats and pillbox hats. This style is perfect for a night out on the town!

Ariana Grande started performing as a child. Her passion for performing grew as she watched musicals and stage shows. As a teenager, her career took off. Her red hair made it difficult for her to maintain it naturally. Although she was able to get her signature ponytail, her hair remained in this style for many years. The result was a simple, yet elegant look.

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