Ashlyn George

Ashlyn George

Ashlyn George has lived an adventurous life, scaling mountains over 6,000 metres and facing avalanches to volcanoes erupting below her. For fun she even flew in a military jet with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds! With this appetite for extreme adventures she has traveled around the world with a suitcase full of stories.

She is an award-winning travel writer, digital media storyteller and motivational speaker. Since founding her blog The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World in 2013 she has traveled to more than 55 countries on all seven continents.

Early Life and Education

Ashlyn George is an extraordinary young woman. She was born in a remote Saskatchewan town and spent her early years farming with her family.

George has an insatiable curiosity for travel and hopes to visit all seven continents by 30. Her goals are truly extraordinary, and she is determined to achieve them despite any difficulties that may come her way.

Ashlyn’s condition gained national attention, which helped put her and her family in contact with scientists who could better comprehend it. The Blockers traveled to Gainesville, Florida, and met rheumatologist Dr. Roland Staud who tested Ashlyn’s gene for SCN9A and discovered two mutations which caused pain throughout her bones, muscles, joints and organs.

Professional Career

Ashlyn George is a freelance travel writer, digital media storyteller and motivational speaker. Before the age of 30, she had visited more than 55 countries on all 7 continents. She chronicles her adventures on her blog The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World as well as Instagram.

She has a thirst for adventure and says her travels have taught her not to settle for less than the best. Additionally, she’s come to value the importance of having family and friends who encourage her in everything she does.

She has been traveling for more than a decade and says her bucket list keeps getting longer. Always eager to experience something new, she is thankful that her career now allows her to travel as much as she desires.

Achievements and Honors

Ashlyn George is an award-winning travel writer, digital media storyteller and motivational speaker. A former Saskatchewander, she runs her own travel website The Lost Girls Guide to Finding the World as well as creating social media content for clients like McDonald’s and NFL Canada.

She’s a passionate supporter of Saskatchewan, and her personal journey to promote it has taken her to more than 55 countries on all seven continents. Her energy for travel is contagious; she shares it through her writing, photography and digital media stories.

Her award-winning travel blog has been shared tens of thousands of times and featured by CTV, Global News and Huffington Post. Her experiences have earned her the title of social media influencer – proud to call herself a prairie entrepreneur!

Personal Life

Ashley George is a certified addiction and substance abuse counselor based in Oceanside, NY. Her areas of expertise include eating disorders, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Her office is conveniently located at 71 Homecrest Ct in Oceanside, NY 11572; however, she also provides online appointments.

She is an interdisciplinary researcher who enjoys exploring the social support behaviors of close family relationships in a healthcare context. She has presented her findings at both national and international conferences.

Her latest film is female revenge horror short DIABLA, which premiered at Morbido Film Fest in 2019 and earned her the Golden Skull for Best Short Film. As a two-time BAFTA qualifying filmmaker, she has directed several shorts previously. Additionally, she has an intense fear of gerbils but often shows a softer side to her father when necessary.

Net Worth

Ashlyn George has an estimated net worth of $40 million. Her fortune is primarily the result of her career as a soccer player; she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 66 kilograms (146 pounds).

Ashlyn was raised in Florida and enjoyed cheerleading, sports and dancing. She even worked as a model for a clothing store before embarking on her professional career in man entertainment.

Ashlyn is engaged to DeForest Buckner, an NFL player from the San Francisco 49ers. They began dating two years ago and got engaged in November 2017. Both enjoy traveling and exploring life’s experiences together; despite their hectic careers they still manage to find time for each other.

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