Athea Page

Anthea Page is a Model With a Net Worth of $60 Million

Anthea Page is an Australian model with a net worth of $60 million. She is a professional Model who has made a lot of money over her career. Although her height and weight are not known, she is within the average range of women’s dress sizes. Anthea Page is 26 and will turn 27 in 2022. She has never revealed her marital status. The model has kept her personal life very private. She is not married yet.

A recent photo of Anthea Page’s eye infection has created a conversation about proper makeup hygiene. The actress believes that she contracted the infection by using a dirty makeup brush. Her right eye is very red and swollen, which is the hallmark of a staph infection. The bacteria that causes a staph infection lives on the skin and nose of healthy people. These bacteria can be transmitted from person to person by touching things such as towels and pillowcases.

Anthea Page joined Instagram half a year ago and has since racked up over 22K followers. Her natural looks have made her a hit with followers all over the world. She has appeared in many publications, including a Yume magazine shoot. You can follow Anthea on Instagram. It’s authentic. This beauty is one to watch out for! The world is her oyster!

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