Atlanta Man Killed

Atlanta Man Killed in Crossbow Shooting

An Atlanta man was shot and killed in a shooting incident. A man was shot outside a convenience store in Atlanta’s southeast with a crossbow. Police responded to the scene and say the victim was found with a chest wound. Investigators met with the shooter who remained on the scene. Investigators have not released the man’s name or motive. They are urging anyone with information to contact them. You can remain anonymous by contacting the local police.

Police said Mattson, 39, was homeless and unemployed. Mattson, 39, was a drug addict and spent many months couch-surfing for friends. After he was kicked out of his house, he ended up living in a storage unit near the crime scene. Police also said he was a frequent visitor to gay bars. His death is the latest tragedy in the city’s gay community. It is not clear why Mattson was attracted to gay bars and why he was murdered.

The officer who shot Mr. Brooks has been placed on administrative duty by the Atlanta Police Department after being accused of murdering the black man. After shooting Brooks three more times in a chase, Garrett Rolfe fired a weapon. Brooks grabbed the Taser from the officer and fled. When the officer followed him, Brooks refused to stop and ran and was fatally shot.

Police say the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. The victim was not wearing a gun, but he was carrying a non-lethal weapon. Brooks’ license prevented him from fleeing. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is continuing its investigation. Whether or not the officer will face charges is unclear. The officer’s family is demanding justice for their friend. Mid-week is the expected date for a decision on charges.

The shooting left the victims injured, including King and Janice Peaks. They were first and second cousins. The shooter, Marcus Smith, was arrested at a local street, and was later booked on three counts of felony murder and three counts of aggravated assault. Smith is still in prison despite the arrest warrant. Cobb County police believe that Smith was the only suspect in the physical and verbal altercation.

During the hearing, prosecutors did not reveal whether they intend to charge the codefendants with murder or robbery. They claimed they have very little evidence. Prosecutors also believe Powell didn’t know his codefendants. Powell’s codefendants face charges of murder, armed theft, and violating criminal gang participation laws. Similarly, Waller faces a charge of using a firearm for a crime.

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