Ayanna Henry

Ayanna Henry

Ayanna Henry works as a corporate flight attendant for VistaJet. While catering to elites can be stressful, her training and personal qualities enable her to remain calm in any given situation.

Keep Moving Forward, Henry is an engaging book for children to read and learn about racism, overcoming obstacles, empathy and civil rights. This powerful tale will spark important discussions both inside the classroom and at home.

Early Life and Education

Henry graduated with honors from Capital University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Media and worked freelancely for several local news agencies before joining PIX11 News as an employee in 2014.

She has traveled extensively and covered an array of topics. Her interests lie mainly with social injustice and human rights issues. Additionally, she has reported on police-involved shootings and other tragedies.

Henry’s life story is truly inspiring and will help children understand that no matter how many doors close on them, success lies beyond them. This book can serve as an excellent addition to classroom curriculums covering civil rights, activism, overcoming obstacles and empathy, or serve as a family read-aloud.

Professional Career

Ayanna Howard began her career with NASA as a robotics engineer. Today she serves as co-founder and board director of Zyrobotics, which specialises in STEM education and therapy robots. Ayanna holds a doctorate degree from University of California.

Ayana joined PIX11 News in 2014 and has covered various topics related to politics and community activism since. She has earned multiple Emmy(r) Award nominations for her special projects covering events such as Sandy Hook school shooting, Bernie Madoff scandal and Captain Sullenberger’s Miracle on the Hudson.

As a professor in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, Henry strives to share her knowledge of content and pedagogy with her students while sparking interest and creating an interactive, growth-promoting learning environment that fosters interaction, growth and reflection.

Achievement and Honors

Ayanna Henry has earned numerous honors throughout her career. We at TFANA are honored to present Ayanna with our 2023 Samuel H. Scripps Award at our 2023 Gala.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of Morgan State University and an active participant in ASCEND Scholars, The Clara I. Adams Honors College, and the Student Research Center. Her ultimate goal is to become a Sports Psychologist that assists collegiate athletes. Furthermore, she loves flying.

Personal Life

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Ayanna Henry enjoys the rewards of her job but admits it can be physically and mentally taxing. Working under non-disclosure agreements requires discretion; yet celebrity encounters and travel to dream destinations help make up for any challenges associated with it. Henry has had the chance to meet some of her favorite athletes such as NBA superstar Kyrie Irving while working flights for him! It is vitally important for Ayanna Henry that personal and professional aspects remain separate in life.

Net worth

Henry enjoys an extravagant lifestyle due to her lucrative profession, having amassed an extensive social media following by showcasing fashionable bikinis and other products on her social media accounts.

Since 2014, she has been part of PIX 11 News at 5 and 10’s team and also worked at WTIC-TV; she was the first television journalist to report on Eric Garner’s death by police-involved killing.

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