Babette Thomas

Babette Thomas

Babette Thomas is a radio producer, artist, and PhD student in American Studies who explores how new media can be used to tell Black histories and narratives. She has collaborated on projects with both SFMOMA and NPR on multiple occasions.

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Early Life and Education

Babette Thomas, an award-winning fashion, lifestyle, and beauty journalist has contributed her expertise to multiple global publications like China Daily LifeStyle Premium and S Style Magazine. Additionally, she holds a PhD in analysing Chinese fashion media as well as being an editorial consultant for various brands.

She has written multiple books on fashion and beauty topics. Due to her in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and its latest trends, she is often sought-after as an industry speaker.

Babette earned a B.A from Brown University with honors in Africana Studies (Honors) and Modern Culture and Media. Currently she serves as editor-in-chief for China Daily Lifestyle Premium as well as being its fashion columnist; additionally she has written for various global publications including Vogue China.

Professional Career

Babette has worked as a fashion and lifestyle editor at prominent publications in Hong Kong, China and England including Vogue China and Prestige. Additionally, she is an award-winning PhD candidate focusing on Chinese fashion media representations of identity representations.

Babette was an extraordinary singer and artist whose talents she used to bring joy and love to others through music and jewelry creation. Even during times of health hardships, she never lost her sweet spirit or desire to help people.

She is currently a radio producer and PhD student in African-American and American Studies at Yale University. Her research focuses on using digital media, specifically audio and sound formats, for public education purposes as well as commemorating Black history memorialization efforts. To this end, she has produced podcasts, audio stories and sounds celebrating Black culture.

Achievement and Honors

Babette Thomas is an independent scholar and researcher, with expertise in Chinese fashion and beauty as well as identity and gender representations. Her research has been presented internationally and published in magazines like Vogue China, Prestige and LifeStyle.

She has earned awards as both a freelance journalist and fashion columnist, publishing pieces in Harpers Bazaar Art Plus and China Daily. Additionally, she speaks and writes Chinese fluently; is an honorary member of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Studies; and listed on Greater China Female Expert Database.

She holds a B.A from Brown University with honors in Africana Studies (Honors) and Modern Culture and Media. As a radio producer, her practice informs her research interests in Black new media, particularly how sound can serve as modes of caregiving in Black communities throughout the 20th century.

Personal Life

Babette is a writer and lecturer, contributing articles to publications worldwide as well as speaking at universities worldwide. Additionally, she is currently undertaking PhD research at London College of Fashion on fashion’s impact on gender relations and identity in China.

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Net Worth

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She is a partner at Innovative Artists’ Broadcast Division, serving national cable networks, broadcast and streaming media companies, syndicators, local stations and radio.

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