Baby Hazel

Baby Hazel Games

Baby Hazel’s online games are some of the most loved in the world. From dressing up games to outdoor trips, baby Hazel will help you learn as well as have fun! Dress up is a favorite game, as it allows you to practice dressing up while having fun! You can also choose to take Hazel on a makeup session! The possibilities are endless. Baby Hazel games are fun and can make your baby feel like a star!

The games are mostly in English, but since Axis Entertainment is based in India, it is possible to get the game translated if you need to. The game’s characters speak in text-to-speech voice, but baby babble is used instead. Some characters in the games are cruel so be prepared for some translation. Otherwise, you may find the game too difficult. You’ll hopefully find a way for Baby Hazel to learn and you can help her improve!

Although the graphics are stunning, the game’s character designs are a bit dated. You’ll need to disconnect from the Internet in order to avoid seeing a lot of ads throughout the game. Fortunately, there are some ways to disable ads in the game’s settings, but you can’t pay to remove them permanently. You can see the rooms changing every time you play and Baby Hazel’s pet bird Budgie is not real. The designs are often stolen clipart, or bootleg versions of characters that are owned by copyright firms.

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