Baby James Chairez

What Really Happened to Baby James Chairez?

After the baby went missing last November, the family of D’Lanny Chairez began to worry. He had been missing for over a month. His body was found in a mobile home and his mother has now pleaded no contest to the baby’s death. Many, including his extended family, have been touched by the case. But what really happened to James? What is the truth behind Baby James’ disappearance from sight?

Police are now looking into the disappearance of James Chairez, an 18-month-old from San Antonio, who had been reported missing Jan. 4. The baby was last seen together with his mother on January 4, and his mother D’Lanny was arrested in February for child abandonment. Investigators discovered a stained crib sheet and other items likely used by James in his bedroom. They haven’t yet determined what happened to the rest of the child’s body.

Gomez stated Tuesday that investigators and he were at D’Lanny’s house looking for clues. However, it didn’t yield any. D’Lanny remains in custody and police have requested the keys to his house. Police suspect D’Lanny Chairez may be trying to hide James’ location. They have reduced his bail. In the meantime, police are pursuing other avenues to find him.

D’Lanny’s home, located off W. Military Drive on the West Side, is now under heavy police presence. A statement from San Antonio police said that the remains were human but could not be positively identified until they were examined by the medical examiner. SAPD says they are not yet releasing the name of Baby James’ mother until they have confirmed his identity. This is all we know about the case and the missing child’s family.

Earlier this month, the family of D’Lanny revealed that D’Lanny wanted to give up the baby for adoption because she struggled with mental health issues. She claimed she did so because she wanted to give the baby a better life. The family had not seen him since Thanksgiving, when the baby tried to eat gravy for the first time. D’Lanny’s lawyers said that it would be difficult for them to prove the additional charges against him.

Police say D’Lanny Chairez has not yet revealed the location of her missing son. A search of D’Lanny’s trailer revealed a blood-stained crib sheet. A prayer vigil will be held at Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church. Although it is a difficult time for the family, the public will never know the truth. If the child is missing, San Antonio police will keep searching until they find it.

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