Baby Shark Dancing Dj

Baby Shark Dancing DJ Review

The Baby Shark Dancing DJ is a fun musical toy that turns your child’s playroom into a dance floor. This interactive music box features 4 versions of the popular Baby Shark song, and your little one can use it to learn letters and numbers. It also encourages gross motor skills and imagination. This product requires four AA batteries and is not recommended for children younger than three years old because of its small parts. The Baby Shark Dancing DJ will entertain your child for hours.

WowWee has teamed with Pinkfong, the developer of the game, to promote its fin-favoring tech. They invite celebrities and influencers to take part in online activation. The campaign’s goal is to make fin-fun family events more appealing for consumers. And, the Baby Shark is the star of the show. This new interactive toy features 7 songs, 3 dancing games, and Dance Detection Technology to make your little one want to dance all night long.

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