Balenciaga Toe Heels

Balenciaga Toe Heels

Balenciaga toe heels are one of the most iconic shoes in fashion, but they are also the most expensive. At $1,290 each, the Toe Lace Up, Toe Sock, and Heeled Toe models are not for the faint of heart. This limited collection is hard to find anywhere else than the company’s website. The more widely available colors are red and black.

Vibram was an early collaborator of Balenciaga, and both brands have released footwear with toes made of recycled knits and molded, bionic heels. Balenciaga’s “Toe” shoe features five individual toe pockets for extra comfort. A suspension heel creates a more comfortable walking experience than a standard shoe, and a molded heel makes the shoe even more durable.

A few of the most iconic pairs of heels in fashion history were released last season. Balenciaga’s Toe heels were first launched a year ago, and they’ve since been reproduced in soft leather. The Essex boots buckle at the ankle, while the metal stiletto-like Sabot Heel resembles a traditional clog. The Bulldozer boot features a chunky platform heel. Runner sneakers are another new addition, with an aesthetic that draws from a DIY cut-up and athletic components.

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