Bali Soft Cup

The Classic Bali Soft Cup

A Bali soft cup is a wonderful choice for those who want a soft bra but still need to maintain a firm control over their breasts. Its molded, double-ply, unlined cups offer excellent support. The adjustable straps are wide and adjustable. They have a delicate lace strip and a bow. The straps are stretchy and adjustable. They are not able to stretch to larger sizes. You may need to order a larger size than usual.

Bali bras are timeless in their classic design and fit. The brand has been around for almost a century and is known for its quality. These bras are designed to enhance your bust and accentuate your body. A Bali bra is a great choice if you are looking for a bra with a soft cup. These bras are designed to help you look and feel your best while enhancing your bust. Here’s a little bit more about these bras:

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