Ba’s Best Bolognese

Marcella Hazan’s Best Bolognese Sauce

Marcella Hazan’s recipe for Bolognese sauce is authentic, simple, and impressive. It’s a classic spaghetti sauce made with beef or pork, an aromatic trio of chopped vegetables, and white wine, milk, and chopped whole tomatoes. While the original version of Bolognese was primarily made with vegetables, Italian-American Bolognese is meat-heavy and more reminiscent of southern Italian dishes.

Marcella Hines is a master of Italian cooking, and her Bolognese recipe makes excellent use of the aromatic trio of white wine, milk, chopped tomatoes, and nutmeg. The ingredients are simmered for hours until the meat is tender and the milk has separated from the meat, creating a rich caramel flavor that is sure to please.

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