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Myles Turner Shows Off His Amazing Lego Collection

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers’ guard, showed off his extensive Lego collection. The Indiana Pacers guard had completed a model of the Titanic, which was built with thousands of miniature parts. On Friday, the player shared his work via Twitter. There are many more photos of the replica that you can find online. Check out some of the cool ones below. Check out the Lego collection of the Duke basketball team. There are many other Lego sports sets.

Men’s basketball is a popular LEGO sport. You can make minifigures of the stars if you are a fan. In 2003 and 2004, the first LEGO Basketball sets were made. The subtheme added flesh elements and other unusual play features to the series. These sets also featured two minifigures from the 2016 Olympics. It’s hard to tell when LEGO will make their own Minifigure version of the NBA’s biggest stars, but they’re definitely worth looking into.

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