Battletech Best Skills

BattleTech Best Skills – Master Tactician and Piloting Are Two of the Best Skills to Have in BattleTech

If you’re using an assault ‘Mech, Master Tactician is one of the best skills to have. This skill grants increased initiative and the ability to double-turn. It also gives you extra flexibility and can be used against other ‘Mechs with similar weight. It’s also useful if you’re facing an assault ‘Mech on a level playing field.

This ability will detect movement of the enemy mech within 180m, and up to 250m. It’s similar to wall-hacks, but will display enemy movement as blips on the minimap. It refreshes every 0.5 seconds, so you can use this skill on any mech.

Piloting is another skill that can be advantageous to light ‘Mechs. It improves the hit chance of your pilot, which is particularly important in melee games. It also increases ‘Mech flexibility and reduces the minimum range penalty. It also helps to improve indirect fire accuracy and mastery. In addition to improving ‘Mech flexibility, Piloting also increases your chance of survival.

BattleTech is an extremely popular turn-based strategy game. There are a lot of mods available to enhance the game’s gameplay. The BattleTech Mods Manager lets you manage multiple mods at once. It’s a great way to customize your character and make it even better! You can also find great BattleTech mods on Nexus Mods.

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