Bebe Buell Net Worth

Bebe Buell was an American fashion model who appeared as Playboy magazine’s November 1974 nude cover girl. She has dated numerous rock musicians and is known to have briefly been romantically involved with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler before going into two separate rock bands (B-Sides and The Gargoyles), both of which eventually disbanded.

Early Life and Education

Early on in her life, Buell became very immersed in American culture and rock ‘n roll music. Growing up with her navy officer father mostly away for extended periods of time due to his position, Buell was mostly raised by her mother.

Buell quickly rose to fame after she was featured in the November 1974 issue of Playboy magazine. Soon thereafter, she started dating several acclaimed musicians and eventually graced multiple music albums’ covers as their face.

In 2000, she released her solo album to showcase her musical abilities. Additionally, she is a proud mother to Liv Tyler, daughter of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith; additionally she published an autobiography entitled Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey which became a New York Times bestseller.

Professional Career

Beverle Lorence Buell, commonly known by her nickname Bebe, was born July 14, 1953 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States and is an American singer and former fashion model. In November 1974 she was chosen by Playboy magazine as its Playmate of the Month; moreover she authored her autobiography: Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey.

At various points in her career, Liv Tyler has been romantically linked with various rock musicians – most notably Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Additionally, she has given birth to Liv Tyler who later went on to become an actress and model herself.

She is known for her powerful deep voice which she puts to use in her musical endeavors. She recorded some songs, formed the band Gargoyles – which disbanded in 1985 – as well as performing at nightclubs. Additionally, she is well-recognized within the music industry.

Achievement and Honors

Buell has achieved considerable success in the entertainment industry thanks to her professional achievements and smart financial decisions, setting herself up in a secure position from which she can pursue her passions with pride.

Buell is also an author, having published her autobiography with St Martin’s Press (with Victor Bockris) entitled Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey which became a New York Times Bestseller in 2001.

Buell has had relationships with various rock musicians throughout her life, such as Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler with whom she shares daughter actress Liv Tyler. In early 2010s she released Hard Love which features original grunge- and glam rock-influenced songs on its record.

Personal Life

Bebe Buell is a widely respected social media personality and model who has achieved immense success through hard work and wise decisions in her career.

She has also participated in numerous notable projects. For instance, she wrote and published the New York Times bestselling book Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey.

She has had relationships with famous musicians like Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart and Jimmy Page and has even dated some.

Liv Tyler is her daughter. In addition, she founded two rock bands – B-Sides and The Gargoyles – both of which disbanded after releasing singles.

Net Worth

Bebe Buell, as an influencer, enjoys multiple income sources including brand endorsements, affiliate marketing partnerships and sponsored posts. Furthermore, she actively engages in various charitable causes.

Buell began modeling at 17 and relocated to New York City to further her career. Her images were featured in Playboy magazine’s November 1974 issue and catapulted her into stardom.

In 1981, Buell released a four-song EP on Rhino Records which featured music performed by famous musicians such as Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

Buell is married to musician Jim Wallerstein and is mother to actress Liv Tyler, whom she raised as her own child. An outspoken advocate for women’s rights, Buell has made contributions to several philanthropic causes over time while mentoring budding social media influencers.

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