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Carl Icahn and the Obama Administration

He’s seen by some as an outsider with broad policy interests who is exerting undue influence within the administration, prompting many people to voice their reservations about his participation.

Born and raised in Queens, New York. Attended Far Rockaway High School before going on to Princeton University where he earned a BA in Philosophy. Additionally enrolled in NYU School of Medicine but decided to join Army Reserves instead.

Early Life and Education

Icahn works out of New York City offices decorated in the oak-and-leather fashion of a nineteen-eighties film tycoon’s lair and is estimated to be worth an estimated seventeen billion dollars. He has made large donations to various causes, including renaming Mount Sinai Hospital to Icahn Medical Institute in NYC.

Born in Brooklyn to Michael and Bella Icahn, both educators. His mother was a fifth-grade schoolteacher; in response, she encouraged him to enroll at New York University School of Medicine but eventually let go to join the Army instead.

After leaving the military, he started his career on Wall Street as a stockbroker and soon earned a reputation as a corporate raider, orchestrating high-profile hostile takeovers such as RJR Nabisco and Texaco.

Professional Career

Icahn was raised by teachers; both his mother and father worked as educators; while his avowed atheist father served as cantor at Far Rockaway school system. After attending Far Rockaway High School in Brooklyn he enrolled at Princeton University, receiving his bachelor of philosophy degree before dropping out after two years and joining the Army Reserves.

He began his career at Dreyfus Corporation as a stockbroker, later moving onto Tessel Patrick & Co as options manager before ultimately switching over to Gruntal & Co in 1968 and continuing trading options. Icahn met 28-year-old Czech ballerina Liba Trejbal from former Czechoslovakia who agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement before they married two years later.

Achievement and Honors

Icahn has received numerous honors over his lifetime, such as the Starlight Foundation Founders Award and 1990 Man of the Year Award from Starlight Foundation, respectively. Additionally, in 2004 the Center for Educational Innovation- Public Education Association recognized his work with charter schools; while in 2006 100 Women Hedge Fund Effecting Change honored his contributions towards improving education through 100 Women Funds Effecting Change’s 100 Hedge Funds Effecting Change program.

Foxfield Thoroughbreds, his horse breeding operation, owns and operates numerous race horses. At Fasig-Tipton auctions he made several major purchases, such as bidding $4 Million for 6-year-old filly Larida and spending the record $7 Million to acquire another filly Miss Oceana.

Personal Life

Though renowned for his aggressive business practices, Icahn has also shown generous philanthropy. He has donated to multiple institutions – such as Princeton University where they built him a genomics lab – as well as running Foxfield Thoroughbreds as a horse breeding operation.

Michael Icahn was born in 1936 to Bella and Michael Icahn; his mother worked in public education while his father wanted to become a singer but eventually ended up becoming cantor at their synagogue.

Bella Icahn first married Liba Trejbal in 1978 and had two children together before divorcing her and later marrying Gail Golden in 1993. Icahn’s full report may contain important criminal records, liens, judgments, eviction notices and UCC filings as well as possible evidence that Icahn may be on a government watchlist.

Net Worth

Carl Icahn reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $23.4 billion and is the founder and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a New York City diversified holding company. He was one of the pioneering activist shareholders, pioneering this investment strategy into mainstream practice among hedge funds.

Icahn first met Liba Trejbal in 1978 – she was 28 and from Czechoslovakia. Eight months after becoming pregnant, they agreed to marry subject to signing a prenuptial agreement; their divorce came later that year in October 1993, followed by Icahn remarrying in 1999 with Michelle Celia Icahn Nevin as his second spouse; both children are named Brett Icahn Nevin.

Icahn raised $3 billion to establish Icahn Partners as his hedge fund in 2004, purchasing ownership stakes in companies such as Blockbuster Video and Time Warner; investing in Telik, Take-Two Interactive, Motricity; being an Apple investor himself as well as advocating for eBay restructuring were all part of his plan for success.

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