Bella Jameel

Bella Jameel and Jameel Disu

There are many reasons why people love Bella Jameel. Both her parents are businessmen, and she has proven herself to be a natural businesswoman. In fact, she is a Globacom executive vice chairman, and was recently elevated to the chairmanship of Abumet Nigeria. She is also the wife of Jamel Disu, a businessman, but most people know her best as the mother of successful entrepreneur, the successful entrepreneur.

Their love story began when they met in 2009 when he proposed and Bella accepted. He proposed to Bella in 2009, and she agreed to be his life partner. They began their nuptial journey. In 2016, they celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary. They gave heartwarming performances and worshipped Venus, an ancient Roman goddess of love. They have both professed their undying love for each other and spoken affirmations of their love. They have both shared numerous heartfelt moments during public appearances.

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