Bella Swan Bedding

Bella Swan Bedding at Target

Are you looking for new bedding? Bella Swan bedding is now available at Target! This adorable collection features original designs from popular artists. Each set includes a comforter, duvet cover, and pillows, as well as a throw blanket. You’ll want to get all of these pieces so your child can enjoy the bedding while it lasts. Take a look at the amazing deals and find the perfect set for you! And don’t forget to check out Eclipse this week, too!

The room is a mint-ish color, but you could use a sage or other green if you don’t have that color. Then, find a bed with a white headboard or a simple one without a headboard. Next, pick the bella-swan bedding to match. The details are not covered in this book, so it is best to get a copy and follow the instructions.

Bella’s room features light green walls and translucent blue curtains. She also has a purple twin-sized bed. The room also features an oak desk, dresser, and various strings of white lights. You can match the color scheme of the bedding to the rest of her bedroom, too. It will be as cozy as the movie’s room! If you wish, you can add some accessories. Just remember that it’s still a room!

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