Ben Canning

Ben Canning

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Early Life and Education

Ben Canning was raised in New London and received his education at local schools before attending Dartmouth College, where he met Annabelle Brainard who would eventually become his future wife. Following graduation with an undergraduate degree he was accepted into medical school.

He created one of the world’s largest pediatric urology divisions during his career and served as a clinician, researcher, educator and mentor to many children and their families.

Ben takes great pleasure in spending his spare time with his family. Additionally, he runs Hillview Windows as a family business employing around 12 local workers with his daughter playing an integral role. Hillview Windows can be found at Highclere Business Centre on Mount Road.

Professional Career

Canning’s professional experience spans high school physics teaching, head women’s basketball coaching, user experience design and community building for online communities; projects that promote inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity for both students and university members alike are among his specialities.

Ben Canning made history during his years at CHOP by developing the most extensive pediatric urology program available worldwide. He is particularly well known for his expertise in treating bladder and cloacal exstrophy as well as hypospadias, two complex birth defects.

Ben Canning works at both Sonia Friedman Productions and New Road Theatricals, contributing his expertise in commercial theatre management to some of the most acclaimed musicals and plays globally. Together, his partner and him possess over thirty years’ experience managing shows at these two institutions.

Achievement and Honors

While at CHOP, Canning served as Chief of Urology and pioneered one of the leading pediatric urology academic programs worldwide. For his achievements at CHOP he received numerous professional accolades and honors.

Ben is a water beggar in Fallout 3 who the Lone Wanderer can encounter randomly while traversing the Capital Wasteland of 2277. He carries a laser pistol and can be pickpocketed using energy cells; giving water will earn positive Karma points; however giving dirtier or Nuka-Cola-filled water will have negative consequences and create negative Karma for them.

He is well-known in the art world, having had photographs published by The New York Times during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of herding rescued chickens and producing dandelion wine.

Personal Life

Ben Canning can be found roaming around Capital Wasteland as a homeless individual, appearing randomly for random encounters or being shot dead by Lone Wanderer. Carrying a laser pistol for protection, he may also be reverse pickpocketed for energy cells but doing so results in loss of karma points.

In June 2022, according to New Kent County Sheriff’s Office reports, 33-year-old Canning had slurred speech and an evident odor of alcohol on his breath when arrested near mile marker 216 of I-64 near Henrico Jail East for DUI/reckless driving and refusing a breath test. He was taken into custody immediately.

Later, VSP suspended him without pay for violating their agency policy.

Net Worth

Ben Canning is an accomplished presenter on ITV, including Tipping Point and Good Morning Britain, Radio 1 quiz show Wake Up With… and Radio 2 quiz show Wake Up With… His estimated net worth stands in millions.

He enjoys an impressive social media following through his verified TikTok account, The Bentist, which has amassed over 12 million followers. By profession he is a dentist at Wincrest Orthodontics in Texas.

He is an outstanding local specialist of Hobart who is actively engaged with numerous community projects and charitable causes. A former Royal Australian Army soldier until 2013, he has earned himself an outstanding reputation within the real estate industry as well as being an attentive family man, cherishing Annie with their two kids Jack and Sam.

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