Ben Colton

Ben Colton – Global Head of Asset Stewardship at State Street

Ben Colton serves as Global Head of Asset Stewardship at State Street. His team engages in proxy voting and issuer engagement to create positive impacts on financially material ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues.

Authorities announced Monday that an Iraq War veteran suspected of murdering a Mount Rainier National Park ranger has drowned after becoming trapped in the snowy wilderness while wearing only jeans and T-shirt, authorities reported.

Early Life and Education

Beverly Benjamin became the first female in her family to graduate high school, and enjoyed close bonds with Colton High School classmates for over fifty years. Following graduation from Redlands, she married Karl and they purchased their own house in Forest Falls, California.

Benjamin Barnes, accused of killing a Mount Rainier National Park ranger, had an erratic army career before being kicked out. For two years prior to being charged with killing an officer of Mount Rainier National Park, Barnes spent time in military rehabilitation facilities due to erratic behavior and had earned himself a bad rep within the ranks.

Religion was an integral component of New England society, yet hierarchically structured. Families paid an annual tax to support the church; Colton studied for ministry after attending Yale College until 1714 when he joined West Division as minister and quickly earned a reputation as a strong preacher.

Professional Career

Colton serves as Global Head of Asset Stewardship at State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), overseeing a team responsible for overseeing proxy voting activities and issuer engagement on environmentally, social and governance (ESG) matters that materially impact client portfolios. Their ESG expertise aims to positively affect financial performance through thought leadership.

Valedictorian Alicia Ayala holds a GPA of 4.65 and plans to attend UC Santa Barbara next fall to study biology with a pre-med track. Throughout her education journey she attended Cooley Ranch Elementary, Ruth O’Hara Middle School, Bloomington High School where she earned the California Seal of Biliteracy as well as being honored as an AP Scholar with Distinction, Honor Guard Member and an AP Scholar with Distinction; most importantly she remains grateful to all her teachers for supporting and kindness during her educational journey.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Colton became the inaugural pastor in West Hartford when Connecticut’s General Assembly granted them permission to establish their own church in 1713. Ministers from surrounding towns ordained him and he served as pastor for 46 years at Old Light Church in Hartford. During that time he baptized Noah Webster and supported Old Light ministers who adhered to Puritan ideals that underpinned Connecticut colony founders’ ideals. Colton struggled against the Great Awakening and its New Light pastors who advocated more emotive sermons that put good works above faith. Colton ultimately died in 1759 but continued to play an influential role within his church even decades afterward.

Personal Life

New England was a hierarchical society where religion provided an anchor of community life. Church services were at the core of life for all settlers who made a payment towards supporting a minister like Colton at Fourth Congregational Church West Division from 1754 until his death in 1759.

At this time, America was experiencing its Great Awakening. George Whitefield made an enormous impactful, drawing crowds into churches with his fiery rhetoric and emotional appeal that challenged established Congregational ministers from Yale whose status had become assured over time.

Churches were large in the town, and many employed servants. A few families owned slaves in the West Division; Reverend Benjamin Colton is thought to have employed Chris as his Negro servant; this individual may have been suspected of killing a Mount Rainier National Park ranger on New Year’s Day.

Net Worth

Colton is an influential real estate influencer and businessman with an immense following on Instagram, who owns his own real estate sales/purchase company and coaching practice. Colton believes providing homes for others to live in is one of the noblest things anyone can do.

He participated in the 2024 Olympic Games but was defeated by Mihael Zgank – an experienced opponent at that time – but since has come back stronger and become one of the premier judokas today.

He is the author of “It’s Your Move,” a best-selling book that discusses building self-confidence and attaining success in life. Currently he serves as Global Co-Head of Asset Stewardship at State Street Global Advisors with an estimated net worth of approximately $30 Million.

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