Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is an author, speaker and expert in fitness, triathlon, nutrition and metabolism. Additionally, he holds top rankings at Ironman triathlon competition and coaches endurance athlete teams.

He is widely recognized for promoting healthy lifestyles. He has written several books and hosted multiple podcasts on the subject. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic rock climber and mountaineer.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Dorchester, Boston’s suburb, he graduated high school before attending Brown University to study economics despite its devastating Great Depression environment, earning a bachelor’s degree before going into business for himself as an economist.

Greenfield and Cohen relocated to New York after college. Greenfield applied to medical schools but was rejected, so he started working in a laboratory performing experiments on mitochondria in beef heart samples.

Greenfield and Cohen designed their company with employee wellbeing in mind by creating the Joy Gang team, which offers food, prizes, music and regular staff meetings as an opportunity for communication between departments. Employees receive preferential treatment over most large companies by wearing jeans to work! Greenfield and Cohen emphasize social responsibility and community involvement as important aspects of business operations.

Professional Career

Greenfield was known to collect hats and other memorabilia throughout his lifetime, as well as being an avid traveler who loved supporting charities by way of donations.

In the 1920s he established Bes-Ben Hatmakers of Chicago as an inaugural designer hat manufacturer for Chicago socialites. His designs featured items like firecrackers, skyscrapers, animals, doll furniture, fruit and even cigarette packages in them!

According to Anfinson’s economic-dependence test, Greenfield did not meet his burden of showing that he was economically dependent upon the ACLU during his internship. His intake counselor position was clearly temporary and there was never any indication that he expected a fulltime position upon completing it; additionally he continued applying for paid roles during this timeframe.

Achievement and Honors

At his tenure in the legislature, Benjamin has tirelessly championed disability-related legislation. He chaired several committees dedicated to home-based services and personal care attendants; additionally he helped pass a law creating the Assistive Technology Loan Network of Florida.

The Ben Greenfield Foundation is pleased to collaborate with The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest in helping raise spirits and hopes among children and teenagers battling cancer. This organization offers gifts in the form of treasure chests for young patients that include books, games, crafts and more items.

The Foundation’s Arts Grant Program supports artists living or working in Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties. One such artist was Sertoma Center Inc. of Chicago and surrounding suburbs who received funding for their Music, Art and Nutrition programs from the Foundation.

Personal Life

Ben Greenfield, 38 years old and author of four fitness-focused books. A certified nutritionist, personal trainer and exercise physiologist; as well as being one of Washington State’s premier Ironman triathletes (ranked No.1 ).

He holds a Master’s of Exercise science and biomechanics. While attending college, he excelled in tennis, water polo, volleyball and competitive bodybuilding as a professional bodybuilder.

As Greenfield progressed through his career, his creative and whimsical sense of humor began to surface in many of his decorative hats. He often included unexpected items like firecrackers, animals and fruit into his pieces – once designing one covered with clocks for one Chicago socialite to wear at a charity event!

He currently resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife Jessa and twin sons River and Terran, spending much of his free time exercising, writing fiction, and appreciating God’s creation.

Net Worth

Ben Greenfield currently resides in Spokane with his wife Jessa and twin boys River and Terran. Ben works as a fitness instructor, writer and New York Times best-selling author (Beyond Training). Furthermore, he’s a human performance expert for Pacific Elite Fitness.

He has an attractive and fit physique measuring 42-32-35 inches, which he maintains by engaging actively on social media to share photos of both himself and his workout routines.

He and Cohen are well known for supporting social justice causes through the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation and taking part in public protests to back political movements. Both men have expressed a desire to use business as an instrument of change; working on joint philanthropic initiatives including Denver Homeless Out Loud and RISE St. James projects are just two examples.

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