Ben Schafer

Ben Schafer – Auctioneer, Speaker and Trainer

Benjamin is an expert Benefit Auctioneer serving charities and non-profits nationwide. A graduate of Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, Benjamin has hosted over one thousand fundraising auction events for his clients.

Benjamin’s family were faced with medical diagnoses that necessitated financial assistance and needed financial support from friends, neighbors and colleagues to cover medical costs. To raise funds they held a fundraiser auction where friends donated items for charity auction events.

Early Life and Education

Ben Schafer quickly went from apprentice to auctioneering apprentice, becoming Ed Schafer’s apprentice at Reppert Auctioneering School before going on to establish Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers.

Benjamin was raised in Essex, England – an area famous for textile production and protest. There he joined the Quaker faith and found strength in it.

He was known for taking an outspoken stance against slavery abolition, leading him into many disagreements with fellow Quakers and creating division within their faith community. Additionally, he published multiple pamphlets and books outlining his views on social issues.

Ben first took on his family as clients. Ben’s son had been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions at an early age and their healthcare insurance provider denied coverage of all treatments necessary.

Professional Career

Ben first took up auctioneering at age 25. Known for his personable style and expertise with 19th and 20th century European/British art, he has gone on to be one of the finest fine wine auctioneers.

He specializes in using auction sales as a method to raise funds for charities and individuals through customized benefit auctions, working with estates, business liquidations sales, personal property collections such as guns and coins as well as real estate assets for fundraisers.

Insurance claims representative with four years of experience effectively handling customer calls and surpassing CSAT targets. Fluency in both English and Spanish allow him to foster empathetic dialogue while providing prompt and accurate service delivery.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin is an award-winning artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Expressive Art from Western New Mexico University in Silver City. His works range from paintings, pottery, sculptures and assemblages in many mediums for exhibition at galleries throughout the U.S. Additionally, Benjamin works professionally as a Benefit Auctioneer, Speaker & Trainer serving charities and non-profits nationwide through fundraising auctions studied at Mendenhall School of Auctioneering – his inaugural charity auction event was for his family when their children were diagnosed with several medical issues that led to friends, neighbors donating items that exceeded all goals and was an unmitigated success.

Personal Life

Benjamin became a Harcourts Australian Auctioneering Championship winner and went on to serve as regional manager, helping expand it across other countries. Later relocating to California and opening his own real estate agency.

Benjamin spots Mencia’s anxiety over Armando, whom he suspects of still being alive, and attempts to blackmail her into not informing police. Benjamin also takes an uncompromising stance against data trafficking by instituting stringent policies such as forcing physical distance between students, locking lockers with GPS systems and using geolocators on them to track their movements – much to their horror!

Benjamin threatens Patrick after he disobeys his father by hosting an even bigger party at a nightclub, like he did with Mencia, taking away their wealth and warning them not to use excuses when things don’t go according to plan.

Net Worth

Benjamin is a dedicated father and husband who strives to give back as much as he can to society. Each year he organizes charitable auctions that raise funds for causes he cares deeply about – proceeds of these auctions go toward pay-it-forward assistance for families in need. Benjamin practices what Scottish philosopher William Barclay once wrote: ‘Always give without remembering, and always receive without forgetting.’ Through Custom Benefit Auctions he conducts over 175 charity auction events annually including farm equipment auctions; real estate; bankruptcy estate; firearms; guns; coins fundraisers or benefit auctions – Benjamin knows exactly how to make your next auction a success!

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