benjamin ayanian

Ayanian is a Junior Faculty Member at USC and a Member of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Lab

Professional Career

Young Voices, a PR firm and talent agency for pro-liberty commentators under 35, counts him among their contributors. Furthermore, he’s studying for the LSAT with hopes to attend law school – his writings having appeared in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Newsweek.

Finley holds the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair and conducts research into multirobot coordination: how groups of robots work together using input from tablets to complete complex or dangerous tasks too dangerous or complex for humans to handle. Her work can be found in home automation, environmental monitoring and military sectors.

Intelligence agencies should not be trusted, they represent an intrusive surveillance state and Congress must reign them in.

Achievement and Honors

Ayanian was honored with the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair at USC, one of the highest honors given to junior faculty. As director of Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center’s Automatic Coordination of Teams Lab – working on solutions for controlling groups of robots end-to-end – Ayanian hopes to enable robots to take on tasks that would otherwise be too dangerous or cumbersome for humans to complete safely or conveniently.

Christina Love, associate teaching professor of physics, received the Barbara G. Hornum Award for Teaching Excellence as well as CASTLE Faculty Fellowship to support her online/remote teaching. Rogelio Minana, department head of global studies and modern languages, won a Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity Award to fund his short film about an innovative cultural program in Brooklyn that engages underserved children with classic literature.

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