Benjamin Bratt Net Worth

Benjamin Bratt is an American actor with an estimated net worth of $12 Million. Born 16 December 1963 under Sagittarius star sign.

His breakthrough role as Detective Rey Curtis on Law and Order catalyzed his career. Additionally, he has appeared in movies like Blood in Blood Out, Traffic, Pinero and more.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Bratt, born and residing in California, boasts an array of talents. He has appeared in multiple film and TV projects such as Knightwatch and Nasty Boys as well as supporting Native American causes through charitable endeavors and narration of 2009 PBS miniseries We Shall Remain.

Bratt has made his name through an impressive career displaying his ability to portray a range of roles with depth and authenticity, earning critical acclaim and endearing himself to audiences worldwide. His performances have not gone unnoticed by critics or audiences worldwide – earning critical acclaim and endearing him to fans around the globe.

He has also excelled at working behind the scenes, producing various films and directing episodes of Law and Order. Additionally, his success has allowed him to expand his horizons with voice acting for popular animated films; thus helping to increase his current net worth of $12 Million.

Professional Career

Benjamin Bratt’s career stands as an inspiring testament to how hard work and talent can lead to success. His combination of critical acclaim and box office success have cemented his position as one of Hollywood’s premier actors.

Starring as Juarez on ABC series Juarez was his acting debut; since then he has gone on to star in several major motion pictures like Demolition Man, Traffic, Thumbsucker and Miss Congeniality 2000 among many others.

Bratt has also ventured into voice acting for some popular animated films. Outside acting, he is also involved with philanthropy and activism work; supporting Friendship House Association of American Indians while narrating 2009 PBS miniseries We Shall Remain; as well as owning restaurant chain and football team businesses.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Bratt boasts an extensive resume as both an actor and producer. Most notably known for his roles on Law and Order TV series, but has also made notable appearances in critically-acclaimed movies like Pinero, Follow Me Home and Traffic.

Over his career, he has earned numerous accolades and nominations, such as two Golden Globe Award nominations and a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. Furthermore, he voiced Eduardo Perez aka El Macho in Despicable Me 2.

Bratt has made waves as an actor, but is also an outspoken advocate on Native American issues, working closely with organizations such as Friendship House Association of American Indians and Native American Health Center.

Personal Life

Benjamin Bratt is an esteemed philanthropist and activist known for supporting Native American causes. He serves on the boards of Friendship House Association of American Indians and Native American Health Center, while also narrating PBS miniseries “We Shall Remain”; additionally he supports American Indian College Fund.

Personal Life. Since 2002, he has been married to actress Talisa Soto. They share two children. Initially residing in Topanga, California but later expanding his holdings in San Francisco and Greenwich Village.

Bratt has also ventured into producing film. His 2017 biopic of civil rights leader Dolores Huerta, Dolores, won critical acclaim and several awards; alongside four ALMA Awards and one Screen Actors Guild nomination.

Net Worth

Benjamin Bratt is an American actor with an estimated net worth of $12 Million, amassed through acting talent and strategic business moves in the entertainment industry.

He is an active philanthropist and donates generously to numerous charitable organizations, including Native American Health Center and Friendship House Association of American Indians. Peter Bratt was his mother Eldy was an activist nurse while Peter worked as a metal worker.

He is best known for his roles in films like Blood in Blood Out and Traffic, both Oscar-nominated films. Additionally, he voiced one character from Despicable Me 2 and Coco. Personal life: Talisa Soto is his wife; they share one daughter. Additionally, his Life Path number 2 suggests a motivation towards community involvement and relationships.

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