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Ben is a Senior Research and Strategy Director at JLL

Ben was an unassuming individual who enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, taking boat rides on lakes, walking in parks and listening to classical music or jazz, as well as reading a good book.

Benjamin was an enthusiastic researcher with an avid interest in sexuality studies. As such, he became known for helping those seeking to change their sex as an expert sympathetic to their needs.

Early Life and Education

At The Benjamin School, our students strive to reach their fullest potential both inside the classroom and on the playing field or stage. By emphasizing core academic subjects as well as art, music and world languages – along with arts integration – we help children hone their talents in order to become their best selves.

At eight years old, Banneker’s father passed away and Sonya was left raising him and Curtis alone. Sonya worked two-to-three jobs to support them both and saw that both boys were failing in school; to help improve their grades she required them to read weekly book reports presented by Sonya; this allowed Benjamin to flourish academically while Curtis would later publish almanacs under Sonya’s supervision.

Professional Career

Benjamin is a Senior Research and Strategy Director for JLL. His team oversees its leading research and strategy capabilities for investors, occupiers and institutional clients worldwide, including Future of Work, Urbanization, Capital Flows and Technology as key influences on commercial real estate’s future development.

He has an immense love of music and enjoys playing all genres on guitar. He has performed at dozens of events over time and taught guitar for more than ten years.

Ruha Benjamin, an academic scholar and founder of Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, used her commencement address to encourage graduating students to use their degrees to envision a better world and challenge oppressive structures. According to Benjamin, knowledge alone cannot bring about change – imagination alone can bring about transformational change.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin graduated with honors with degrees in history and Africana studies. He received the SBS Tenacity Award, which recognizes nontraditional students who persevere against significant adversity to earn their degree. Benjamin participated in both Thrive Guides and First Cats programs that assist financially struggling students and those from low-income families to complete their degrees successfully.

At Cairn University, he is pursuing a master of biblical and theological studies. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and restoring vintage automobiles; Phi Theta Kappa honor society has recognized him for outstanding academic achievements on their president’s list; volunteering at homeless shelters locally is another hobby; education is what leads him on this path towards better life.

Personal Life

Ben holds a Bachelor’s of Biblical and Theological Studies. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and kayaking as well as reading books on topics related to religion, philosophy, watches, and vintage automobiles.

Benjamin served as associate dean of rural health at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine in Mobile and served as medical director of their telemedicine program. She has long advocated for rural healthcare services and was honored to become an honorary citizen of Bayou La Batre in Alabama.

At the graduation ceremony, she encouraged students to take time for themselves and visualize a better world while challenging oppressive structures.

Net Worth

As an author of several critically-acclaimed books and featured on various national publications and TV programs, he has become widely respected within his community.

He currently heads a private practice specializing in securities and corporate law. His clients include broker-dealers, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

As a guest lecturer at the University of Texas, he has spoken on various subjects including economics, education and political science. An avid golfer and collector of fine wines, he is married and has one daughter with an estimated net worth estimated at $5 Million; 5ft 10 inches with brown eyes; enjoys discussing sports on an online forum called Barstool.

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