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Benjamin Football Profile

Benjamin has been an asset to fantasy managers in deeper leagues this season. In Week 6, he ran 15 times and caught one target for nine yards.

However, NFL scouts will need more evidence of his route-running ability before determining his draft selection. He struggles to sink his hips, chop his feet and gain acceleration during his routes.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin is well known for his objective and articulate commentary on current events, appearing on multiple TV shows and speaking at schools and universities across the country. Additionally, he founded One More as an organization dedicated to impacting lives less fortunate than himself.

Benjamin was born in Schenectady, New York and graduated from Draper High School. Afterward, he attended Ithaca College before going into teaching and coaching careers – serving as the Athletic Director at New Hartford High School for two years and president of Section I for another two. Additionally, he advocated for girls’ sports integration within New York public high schools while running his own soccer academy in Queens Park.

Professional Career

Benjamin was an extremely accomplished football player. His talent allowed him to compete at an elite level at Duke and Georgia before fulfilling his NFL dream with multiple teams over 16 years of NFL play.

He is also a sought-after speaker on current events, having appeared on major TV networks and given talks at schools, churches, and conferences across the country.

Benjamin excelled as both a running back and wide receiver during his academic career at Pahokee High School, playing an instrumental role in helping them qualify for their first-ever appearance in an FHSAA regional final as seniors in 2022, in addition to running track for them and rushing over 1,000 yards and scoring 14 touchdowns during varsity play.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin has always been an accomplished athlete, excelling at taekwondo, track and field, basketball, and shot put. When he came to Ayala High School as a freshman he took up football – becoming one of its standout players almost instantly!

He possesses an outstanding arm, throwing with an exaggerated high arc. Additionally, he can read defenses well and find receivers on seam or streak routes.

He is widely respected both on and off the field, volunteering his services to various charitable organizations while earning an impressive GPA. With three children under his care living in Cordova, Tennessee and his talent continuing to shine for years post-NFL career.

Personal Life

Benjamin is an exceptionally generous individual with a deep passion for helping those in need. Together with Kirsten, they founded the One More Foundation with the intention of positively impacting lives of those in need.

He frequently addresses current affairs at schools, churches and conferences as well as serving as a guest on major television networks to share his opinion about issues that impact our country.

On the field, he is well-liked by both teammates and fans, while off it, he is an outgoing fun-lover who enjoys music; in fact he was even unofficial Monaco dressing room DJ! Being sensitive and sentimental makes him loyal towards those he keeps close while his persuasive approach offers natural leadership qualities.

Net Worth

Benjamin has seen his net worth soar since signing a contract with Manchester City. His earnings from matches and brand endorsements will be significant.

He owns an impressive car collection and lives in an extravagant residence, while being actively engaged in philanthropy work through One More Foundation which supports families and children in need.

He holds two Super Bowl wins under his belt and is widely revered in football circles. Additionally, he is well known for his charitable endeavors and supports multiple organizations that fight human trafficking, promote education, and offer aid to families in need. He has long been engaged with this effort and continues to make an impactful difference in people’s lives – not to mention publicly declaring his faith! He has even openly spoken out against certain types of religious fundamentalism!

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