Benjamin Frazier

Benjamin Frazier – Financial Advisor

Benjamin Frazier was an outstanding community activist and leader who championed civil rights. His tireless efforts and strong moral compass inspired many others to fight for social justice.

Jacksonville civil rights leader and president of the Northside Coalition, James Davison Jr. (73), passed away late Saturday after a nine-month fight against cancer. His family requests privacy during this difficult period.

Early Life and Education

In his later years, he spent time in the northeast where he formed new friendships and participated in community affairs. Additionally, he made time for writing, gardening, baking and photography projects.

Frazier’s research focused on the social relationships of African Americans. His work was ground-breaking in that it employed a sociological approach to studying race and culture; among his works are The Negro Family in the United States, Black Youth at the Crossways, and Race and Cultural Contacts in the Modern World.

Frazier was born in rural Ottawa County, Oklahoma and nicknamed by his grannies “PeeWee.” As an adult he went on to become an accomplished author, professor, activist, and professor. On November 20, 2021 at age 81 he passed away.

Professional Career

Ben Frazier is a financial advisor working for United Brokerage Services, Inc. He has three years of experience and holds both South Carolina and Texas registrations as part of his Series 66 license.

Norton was well known for his signature crab-like cross-armed defense, using both arms to cover his face and make it difficult for opponents to land blows against him. In 1977, The Ring named Norton one of their 50 greatest heavyweights.

John has been active in numerous initiatives focusing on social justice, such as founding Jacksonville’s Northside Coalition. Recently, however, he was handcuffed and taken from the lobby of Duval County Health Department building into a police vehicle after refusing to leave an event hosted by Governor Ron DeSantis and medical professionals.

Achievement and Honors

Ben Frazier was a courageous and unwavering civil rights activist, tirelessly fighting for equality, community, and justice. His commitment inspired many individuals and helped foster meaningful transformational change.

Frazier was not one to let health issues get in his way of fighting for justice and equality, even after being diagnosed with cancer in December 2022. He persevered as he battled on with fighting justice and equality even while facing cancer himself.

Frazier had traveled to Geneva the year prior in order to speak before the UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination. While there, he publicly condemned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ offensive “anti-riot” law with great passion. Frazier will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and community; peacefully passing away Saturday night while surrounded by loved ones; his family have requested privacy at this time and will announce memorial arrangements when ready.

Personal Life

Frazier was known for being humble despite his many achievements; he put family first and enjoyed fishing. Additionally, he enjoyed spending time on the water.

Frazier was honored with numerous accolades from civic and social organizations in Jacksonville, Detroit, and Atlanta during his career, earning many civic and social awards along the way as well as various regional Emmy awards for his news anchoring duties.

Benjamin Frazier III and Mathilda “Mata” Frazier Hager are his children; Polly; Lynne Frazier Cole and Tetley Jean Wright-Bender (his niece). Additionally, many dedicated friends and relatives continue his legacy and cherish every memory they hold of this special person. He truly was one-of-a-kind!

Net Worth

Frazier was an inspiring civil rights leader and community activist who made an indelible mark on those he met throughout his lifetime. His unrelenting fight for justice, equality, and the preservation of human dignity will live on forever in those he left behind.

Long before modern news anchors emerged in Jacksonville, his deep voice could be heard across its airwaves as one of the first African-American newscasters. His dedication and passionate fight for civil rights earned him accolades and awards such as the NAACP Rutledge H. Pearson Civil Rights Award.

According to recent insider trading data, Warren Lynn Frazier is the 10% owner of Nine Energy Service Inc (NINE). For more information about this executive and this company’s SEC filings. A memorial event honoring Benjamin Frazier will take place next weekend in Jacksonville.

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