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Benjamin Jarvis Net Worth – Facts About Ben Jarvis

Navigating online rumors regarding Benjamin Jarviss’s dating history can be difficult, so it’s crucial to gather all of the facts before making assumptions.

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Early Life and Education

George Stephen Benjamin Jarvis was a soldier, judge and politician born at Fredericton, New Brunswick on 21 April 1797. In 1809 he arrived in York (Toronto) Upper Canada, eventually settling at Cornwall.

At the outbreak of War of 1812, he joined as a gentleman volunteer in the 49th Regiment and participated in all major engagements; particularly notable were Queenston Heights and Lundy’s Lane.

In 1914 he received his commission as an officer in the Navy and was assigned submarine duty, quickly becoming legendary within it and receiving the Navy Cross for heroically sinking convoys during surface attacks. On 22 February 1945 at age 91 years, he passed away at his Fairfield, Connecticut home.

Professional Career

Ben is committed to making home buying and selling experiences as smooth as possible for his Clients by listening carefully, designing personalized Buying/Selling strategies, and communicating regularly throughout the process. In addition to his real estate practice, he serves as both local business owner and Village of Sussex Trustee.

He earned the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism during World War II when he tackled and sank enemy gunboats while surface attacking convoys. Known by his crew as “Big Ben,” his family can trace his roots all the way back to 1657; George Washington himself was related. Unfortunately he passed away at home from non-Hodgkin lymphoma at 91; no services will be held by his family.

Achievement and Honors

Jarvis became legendary among submariners during World War II, earning himself a Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism. He led surface attacks against Japanese gunboats and even managed to sink an enemy convoy!

Meyer Shank Racing saw him achieve victory in 2022’s IMSA DPi Championship race, as well as participating in Daytona 24 Hours LMP2 race with them.

Jarvis currently serves as Managing Director of Six Degrees Investor Relations, an Australian advisory firm. Additionally, he sits on the boards of Austral Gold Limited – a mining company listed on Australian Securities Exchange – Eagle Nickle Tin Mining Co Ltd (another mining company listed) and ORO SA Limited which focuses on exploring mineral assets in Bolivia.

Personal Life

Benjamin Jarvis had a passion for travel. Often packing his red van and setting off into the wild to discover, Benjamin always found something new and exciting on each journey. Additionally, Benjamin treasured family and friends and often told tales about his grandfather and other members of his family.

Ben had an affinity for projects. From construction work around the house to art projects in his workshop, he engaged them all with enthusiasm and curiosity.

He was an exceptional father and husband, deeply adored by Paula and their three children Heidi, Wendy and Andy. Additionally, his sister Beth survives alongside other aunts and uncles. All who knew him will deeply mourn his absence.

Net Worth

Benjamin Jarvis has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Born February 13th 1995, this popular model has become known for his runway walks alongside popular models such as Lucky Blue Smith.

Jarvis serves on the boards of Freehill Mining Limited (an Australian-listed copper and gold exploration company focused on the Philippines and Indonesia) and Austral Gold Limited (an exploration and mining company focused on South American precious metals with assets in Chile and Argentina), both Australian-listed precious metal mining companies. He also acts as managing director for Six Degrees Investor Relations – an Australian advisory firm offering investor relations and communications services to companies listed on the ASX.

Jarvis is currently single, and there have been no rumors regarding his romantic life.

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