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George Jillson Has Been Charged With a DUI

George Jillson was charged with DUI following a car accident that occurred on June 18 in Sacramento County, California. Jillson turned himself in immediately following the collision to authorities.

Born in Vermont in 1814 and having six siblings.

Early Life and Education

On Thursday, Sacramento police officer Benjamin Jillson was charged with vehicular manslaughter for the fatal collision he was involved in last month that claimed the life of motorcyclist Denzil Broadhurst at Bell and May Street without activating its lights or sirens. Police believe his car collided with Broadhurst without activating its lights or sirens before striking and killing him without warning.

On October 31, 2022, Jillson was involved in an accident, during which both his administrative leave and peace officer powers were temporarily suspended due to this event.

Jackson and Jillson are two recurring antagonists from Disney+ series The Mysterious Benedict Society. Both students of high ranking enjoy stirring up trouble for those below them, believing they should be punished. Though seemingly polite at first, both have an aggressive side they try to use against those they perceive to be weaker.

Achievement and Honors

Jillson earned various honors and awards at Athol High School: the Alyssa Holden Scholarship, Rebecca Goheen Scholarship, Dylan Hall Scholarship, Samantha Hutchins Scholarship and Ashley Sawyer Scholarships.

The children discover that Dr. Curtain knows about the flash device and has a way to treat them, and decide to liberate him, but Mr. Benedict sends Gray Men and Reynie after them to stop them. Jackson and Jillson manage to find Dr. Curtain eventually and assist him, though he still doesn’t trust their help or believe that anyone cares for him.

M.P. BERG MEM. SCHOOL. AWARD: Corey Bacigalupo, Hillary Jaillet, Gracie Cornell and Curtis Dorval were the recipients. M.A. CARDON & F.L OLIVARI MEMORIAL SCHOOL AWARD recipients were Christian Comeau, Tyler Kelley, Nicholas Landry (Derick Mara and Christopher Wihtelin were also recognized.) And for our scholarship recipients this year the M.E. & L.E. BRITTON FUND IN MEMORY OF J.E. (BURRAGE) BRITTON Scholarship Recipient Tyler Lawrence was honored.

Personal Life

Ben has found time in his hectic work schedule to pursue personal goals. A CrossFit fan, Benjamin enjoys pushing himself physically. Additionally, he plays basketball competitively and loves spending time with his family.

He has been married twice and has eight children, his eldest being Joseph who works as a successful carpenter in Attleboro MA.

On October 31st 2022, Jillson was on his way to an appointment and made an illegal U-turn near May and Bell streets without activating either lights or sirens, before colliding into motorcyclist 61-year-old Denzil Broadhurst and later fatally wounding him. A judge issued a misdemeanor warrant against Jillson; on Wednesday afternoon he turned himself into the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office before police released two videos depicting this crash on Thursday.

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