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Ben Larson

He works closely with clients to identify their financial goals and then assists in their attainment. His clients appreciate his tireless dedication in helping them realize their objectives – something which their success in doing so leaves them immensely proud and fulfilled.

Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction” remains a topic of much scholarly inquiry and remains popular with academics. This acclaimed text provides an in-depth examination of how technology impedes aesthetic experience directly.

Early Life and Education

Ben was passionate about music, expressing it through violin, cello, guitar and piano. He delighted listeners by singing Global songs of faith with God’s people of God while having a deep passion for African and Latin rhythm drumming – something he enjoyed doing through Central High School’s Robed Choir and Grand Central Station show choir performances.

Larsen-Choi Duo, which promotes new music and sonata literature. Additionally, he is an active chamber musician having collaborated with notable artists like Robert Sirota, Reena Esmail and Tania Leon.

Robert Gilbert graduated with a bachelor of communication degree from Susquehanna University. He and Lindsay Gilbert share one child together named Collins. Robert began coaching at Northwestern State in 2006-07 before landing a graduate assistantship at Louisiana Tech.

Professional Career

Ben is an accomplished real estate agent renowned for his high level of professionalism, expert negotiating abilities and digital marketing knowledge that brings properties unparalleled exposure. Over $100 Million worth of property has been purchased or sold with Ben as their agent.

Larson graduated with honors from Bemidji State University’s social work program and was nominated by Kenneth Turck for the National Association of Social Workers Student of the Year award in 2018.

At Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, he excels at untangling complex litigation, corporate and regulatory matters. He’s particularly skilled at advising businesses on ways to minimize their exposure to litigation; successfully resolved disputes through trial proceedings as well as appeals all the way up to Colorado’s Supreme Court; handled professional liability claims for business professionals as well as intellectual property claims from businesses – among many other endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Ben was a passionate Chamber musician in New York. He performed regularly with the Larsen-Choi Duo, known for its support of new music and sonata literature, as well as with Emerson American and Chiara Quartets.

He graduated with high honor from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Kenneth Turck of Crow River Family Services nominated him for the 2018 NASW Student of the Year Award.

Ben was an exceptional volunteer and community leader. In addition to his professional duties, he was an active coach of youth sports teams for various charities as well as an active member of his local church and passionate Vikings fan. Ben will be missed dearly by all who knew him.

Personal Life

Ben was a trial attorney with Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe and excelled at untangled complex litigation, corporate, and regulatory matters. He regularly represented clients before state and federal courts across Colorado as well as appeals proceedings.

Ben was an enthusiastic proponent of the Gospel, motivated evangelistically by Christ’s love. He fostered unity instead of uniformity and welcomed those most vulnerable among us into his fold.

Ben Larson leaves behind his wife Renee Splichal Larson; daughters Katie Larson Ode and Amy Larson Calhoun as well as their spouses Seth Ode and Peter Calhoun and Mark McLinn as well as other relatives. Funeral services will be held at First Lutheran Church of Decorah with interment following at Phelps Cemetery. Ben was an avid Vikings fan who always looked forward to a good game!

Net Worth

Ben is an integral member of Renaissance Financial and is dedicated to helping his clients meet their real estate goals. He strives to build lasting relationships with his clients and deliver personalized service before, during, and after their sale process.

As an active member of his community, he coaches multiple children’s sports teams and donates to numerous local charities. His success in real estate can be attributed to his dedication and personal attention given each client prior, during, and after their sale transaction.

He excels at unraveling complex litigation, corporate, and regulatory matters for Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe’s trial and appellate teams. Representing businesses, individuals, local governments as well as their insurance and election law needs.

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