Benny Andersson Net Worth

Benny Andersson Net Worth

Benny Andersson has a net worth of about $230 million. The success of the group ABBA is a major source of his wealth. The group is worth around $900 million, and Benny Andersson enjoys royalties from their songs and films.

Benny Andersson’s career

Benny Andersson began his musical career in the pop group HEP STARS, which remained one of Sweden’s most popular bands between 1963 and 1968. In 1965, he started writing songs of his own. With the help of his bandmates, his songs quickly rose up the charts.

Benny’s first solo album was released in 1987. The album featured original Swedish folk songs, and he collaborated with the folk group Orsa Spelman. The album also featured an epic orchestral suite. Benny teamed up with fellow Swedes to sing lead vocals on the album, and his second solo album, November 1989, followed a similar pattern. This album was a huge commercial success, and both he and his band mates performed their music in open air concerts.

Andersson’s career was marked by a succession of international hits. His song “Lassie” became a hit for a female cabaret group, and later he wrote several more hits for the group. He also produced an album with Josefin Nilsson, a vocalist from the quartet. In 1993, he released Shapes, a collection of ten new songs written with collaborator Bjorn Ulvaeus. He also wrote the opening melody for the 1992 European soccer championship.

His relationship with Bjorn Ulvaeus

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus’s relationship started when Bjorn and Agnetha Faltskog got married on 6 July 1971. The couple had two children – Linda Elin Ulvaeus, who was born on 23 February 1973, and Peter Christian, who was born on 4 December 1977. They divorced in July 1980. Bjorn is now dating Christina Sas, a product manager for Universal Music Group.

Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson met in 1966 when they toured southern Sweden. The two soon began writing songs together and eventually began working together. The pair worked together on numerous songs, resulting in the release of numerous hit singles and albums.

His musical influences

As a musician, Benny Andersson was influenced by a variety of genres and eras. He played the keyboard for the ABBA group and composed music for them. Benny’s musical influences also included Swedish traditional folk music, classical music, and pop music. In addition, he co-produced the band’s mega-hits.

One of the first influences that Benny Andersson credited was his Grandfather, who taught him how to play the accordion. Bjorn was also a member of the Hootenanny Singers, a Swedish folk-schlager band that became immensely popular. Benny Andersson and Bjorn Borg became friends, and they began working together in the recording studio.

Although he was born in Stockholm, Benny Andersson spent much of his youth in Vallingby. He got his first accordion at age six and began playing with his father and grandfather. He played in a band with Christina Gronvall, who later became his girlfriend. Later, he joined the band Elverkets Spelmanslag.

His career

Benny Andersson’s career as a pop star began in the 1960s. He joined a band called the Hep Stars, which became one of the most popular pop groups in Sweden. Andersson was the band’s keyboardist and the driving force behind the group’s sound. He became a teen idol, and the band performed cover versions of international hits as well as original compositions.

Besides his work with ABBA, Benny Andersson is a successful film composer. His work on movie soundtracks has received critical acclaim. The composer’s net worth is expected to reach $230 million by 2022. Andersson has worked hard to achieve his fame and fortune. He learned to play an instrument at a very early age and has a vast knowledge of the music business.

His net worth

Benny Andersson’s networth has increased significantly over the years. He has amassed a fortune from his career as a composer. He was engaged to Christina Gronvall in the early 1960s, but the couple separated in 1966. In 1978, he began dating Anni-Frid Lyngstad and the couple got married in 1979. The two later divorced in 1981. The couple has two children. In addition to their sons, Benny and Christina have three grandchildren.

Benny Andersson is an internationally renowned composer and musician. His net worth is attributed to the success of the band ABBA, which is now worth over $900 million. His wealth also comes from royalties from songs and movies. Despite having a low profile, Benny Andersson’s success has earned him a large fortune.

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