Bernard Lucas

Bernard Lucas was born in Beardstown and studied financial economics (his dissertation was on endogenous models of credit default) at the New School for Social Research. Additionally, he holds master’s degrees in mathematics and computer science from City University of New York.

He resides on Chapel Hill Road in Spring Lake.

Early Life and Education

Lucas holds both a PhD in Financial Economics and Masters degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, giving him an extensive business background. He has participated in projects ranging from urban infrastructure planning, pharmaceutical consulting services, franchising and fashion technology consulting.

In 1973, he made his groundbreaking film American Graffiti which depicts his experiences during the early 1960s based on real life. It became an instant classic and won multiple awards.

He has a strong interest in bioengineering, having designed the fluid logic ventilator and cardiopulmonary bypass pump as well as being involved in resuscitation efforts. A fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Ben and Eva live with Emma; Sean O’Rourke interviewed Ben who expressed how their family is “broken”, but with support from their community they are managing well during this difficult period.

Professional Career

Bernard Lucas brings extensive business experience in finance, risk management and entrepreneurship to every endeavor he engages in – be it finance consulting for franchise consulting firms or running startups. He has participated in multiple small businesses over his tenure including starting up dot.coms himself.

He was an exceptional basketball player throughout high school and college, winning state championships and All-American honors before representing his nation at the Olympic Games of 1960.

After Lucas finished playing professional baseball, he ventured into new business opportunities and transformed himself into an entrepreneur. His mnemonic skills, passion for word games and old-fashioned magic served as inspiration; even developing alphabetizing systems and memory tricks specifically tailored for children as part of an alphabetizing system and memory trick set specifically designed to aid learning. These abilities helped hone Lucas’ business acumen while developing various educational products as well as author books about these subjects.

Achievement and Honors

On top of his successful film career, he has also received various honors and awards. This includes being honored with the National Medal of Arts given to artists for their contribution to American culture as well as receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

His groundbreaking contribution to cinema has broken new ground for cinematography and special effects. His 1971 movie THX 1138 became an instant classic and blockbuster success; and subsequent sequels further delighted audiences.

As well as receiving the Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry and sharing in the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Fraser Stoddart and Jean-Pierre Sauvage for their design of molecular motors that travel within human cells to perform tasks, Dr. Nakamura received recognition with both awards.

Personal Life

Lucas Bernard is an extremely seasoned businessperson, boasting a range of abilities and skills that span many fields such as financial economics, finance and risk management. Additionally, he has dabbled in various forms of entrepreneurship by founding several successful small businesses.

Personal Life – Lucas is happily married for over thirty years and resides in Spring Lake, North Carolina with three children and two dogs named Good Kitty and JoJo. Additionally he is related to Vernell Lucas from Spring Lake as well as Ignatius Lucas from Florida.

He boasts an extensive social network that includes his wife and children as well as numerous notable figures from business, academia, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he is actively involved with both the CCNY Alumni Association and NSSR Alumni Society.

Net Worth

Bernard Arnault is one of France’s wealthiest individuals with an estimated net worth of over $103.2 billion. As owner of luxury goods company LVMH he lives in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines with his second wife and three children; boasts an expensive private jet as well as luxurious yacht.

After experiencing a potentially fatal car accident, he made the switch from race car driving to professional filmmaking studies at University of Southern California – producing student films alongside professional projects.

Later he directed the iconic Star Wars franchise, earning him $4 billion when sold it to Disney in 2012. Additionally he amassed millions from Lord of the Rings trilogy films and his visual effects studio Weta Digital as well as being 30% owner in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

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