Best 3x Elixir Decks

Best 3x Elixir Decks

The best 3x Elixir decks are built around the idea of overloading your opponents. The early game is all about acquiring a large elixir lead and pushing your opponents back. However, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to have a successful game.

First, you should deploy three Musketeers. While it’s expensive, they are powerful offensively. In most cases, they can take down a tower in a matter of seconds. If your opponent has no defending units, you can use a Battle Ram to add even more damage. If you have enough elixir, you can even complete the combo with a Zap spell. In addition, you can use Archers to counter the enemy’s minion army.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the cost of the elixir. The average cost of a good 3x elixir deck is around three to four elixirs, but there are also some more expensive decks out there. Cheaper decks have more fragile troops, but also tend to cycle more quickly. Heavy decks have slower playstyles, but they are often Beatdown decks.

As with any deck, you should have at least three elixir cards in it. This will allow you to place more heavy troops and win conditions faster. Moreover, it also allows you to place more spawners, which will give you more troops in time for your pushes. Also, make sure you have at least two clearance cards, as they are valuable.

The best 3x elixir deck should have a powerful win-condition that can deal high damage. You can also consider using chip damage-dealers or spells as secondary win-conditions. However, it is important to remember that the cost of a win-condition is not a significant factor during the x3 elixir period, because this will allow you to use expensive cards in an instant.

You can also use three spells to improve your deck’s versatility. This will allow you to control the battle more effectively. You can use one spell for direct damage, while two spells will help you deal with multiple targets. Having three spells in your arsenal will make it possible to fill gaps in your deck and make it more powerful.

The Battle Ram is great for offensive play, while the Bandit and Electro Wizard will offer great pressure. As you can see, these decks are all great against one another, but they are all not equally effective. You should choose the best 3x elixir deck that suits your playstyle.

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