Best 6.5 Component Speakers

Bose 6.5 Car Speakers Review

Bose 6.5 car speakers come with many great features. They are lightweight and compact, weighing in at less than 10 pounds each. Each driver has 90 watts peak power and 45 WMS power. To provide high-quality sound, they also have a coaxial connection. Moreover, they do not require any drilling or cutting into the car’s interior, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the car.

Power handling is an important aspect of choosing the right speakers to fit your car. Power handling controls the amount of juice pumped into the speakers and prevents them from overloading. This is especially important with low-sensitivity speakers because they require more delicate power handling mechanisms. If you want the best sound quality from your Bose speakers, make sure they are able to handle the power.

It’s a smart idea to upgrade your speakers if you want to improve your car’s sound quality. Many cars with high-end sound systems have Bose speakers. But if your car’s speakers are subpar, you’ll probably not want to replace them. Plus, you might be afraid of voiding your car’s warranty or damaging the speaker.

Many consumers have complained about the difficulty of fitting these speakers despite their impressive features. These speakers are durable and well-recommended, but they still require a speaker amplifier. Some consumers may find the included grills plasticky. These grills won’t be the best speakers for in-ceiling.

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