Best Arena 15 Decks

The Best Arena 15 Decks

A good Arena 15 deck has three or more win conditions, a 3.0 average elixir cost, and a combination of Wall Breakers and Miner. It can also punish high-cost cards with Spear Goblins or Magic Archer. It’s important to note that it takes some practice to master.

For aggressive players, an aggressive deck is an ideal choice. Zap, with its mini stun, can be a good choice against high-level decks. However, some players prefer Arrows. Either way, these decks can be good. A versatile deck is one that can adapt to the player’s playstyle and the deck of opponents.

A two-lane deck’s main advantage is that it can attack from two lanes. This allows it to move to the left if the opponent defends from the right. It can also use Royal Hogs to attack from the right and left sides, and other cards can help with defense. It’s best used in Arena Four, Arena Five, or Arena Six. This deck’s biggest weakness is that it is weak in defence.

Arena 15 decks come in many variations. A popular deck is one that utilizes the ‘Royal Hog’ and the ‘Battle Healer’. These two units can be paired together or used individually. Arena 15 has a lot of different deck combinations, and you should choose one that works well for you.

In Arena 15, the Rascal is a very powerful card. If your opponent has tank troops, two Rascals can tank their attack. Then, the Skeleton barrel can distract the opponent and keep your Sparky protected. The Royal Ghost can be useful for pushing on the move. Its invisible mechanic makes it very versatile.

A deck that has three spells adds versatility to a deck. It gives you more control over the battle. One spell is a high-damage spell, while the other two spells are more versatile. These spells can fill in any weaknesses in your deck. If you are unsure of your favorite deck, try playing a 2v2 game.

The Pekka deck is a great control pressure deck that punishes your opponent for investing too much time in the back. The Pekka deck can also punish your opponent for using left-over defenders. However, don’t overcommit on offense. Play defensive until you have a good chance to push. For a more aggressive deck, you can try replacing the Ram rider with a Battle Ram and a Musketeer.

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