Best Arena 3 Deck

How to Build the Best Arena 3 Deck

If you are new to the game of Arena 3 and are wondering how to create a winning deck, there are a few important things you should know. First, spells and anti-air cards should always be in your deck. These will protect you against the attacks of your opponent, and will help you win the game.

The best Arena 3 deck contains many units that are both offensive and defensive. For example, goblins are adept at disorienting large units. They can also be used to support troops. Goblin 2 has an Elixir which can be used to distract larger units. The Barbarian can also take down giants or other units that can attack from above.

The deck also has many cards that are unique, making it great for the game. One of these cards is the Goblin Barrel. It does a lot of damage, and it is unexpected. It is also great for counter-pushes. Its ability to cause massive damage to towers makes it an outstanding feature.

Another Arena 3 deck you should consider is the Valkyrie Deck. It has a low Elixir cost and is very effective against lower-level opponents. It can also use the Mini Dragon, which can eliminate large groups of enemies using its fire attack. The Fireball card is also useful for protecting your Troops against swarming attacks.

The Arena 3 deck you use will depend on the Trophy Range you have unlocked. These decks are compatible with the 800 Trophy Range up to the 1100 Trophy Range. You should also consider Barbarians and Rage when building your deck. You should balance the two types of units.

Valkyrie is one of the most valuable defensive cards in your deck. This card is particularly useful if your opponent has barbarians or low-HP soldiers. It also has splash damage capabilities. The deck is versatile thanks to the Valkyrie, which is great against barbarians as well as skeletons. Another good option is the Witch, which is useful for defense. It can spawn skeletons in front of your base and deal damage to air units.

The Mini Pekka is similar to Pekka, but he can run on legs and counter-push with other cards. He can also take out towers and kill giants. In addition, his high attack power and damage makes him an excellent choice for countering swarms. You should also include the Bomber, as it can deal decent damage with its splash damage.

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