Best Arena 8 Deck 2021

The Best Arena 8 Deck 2021

The Mega Knight Arena 8 deck is among the most popular. This deck can be used for offense or defense and offers three different win conditions. With the help of Miner and Wall Breakers, the Mega Knight is capable of moving to either tower and launching an attack. This gives this deck a wide range of attack plans, including the ability to capture enemy towers.

The Hog Rider is an excellent choice for this Arena 8 deck. This creature can charge into your opponent’s towers, freeze them, and then deal damage to them. This can be particularly effective if your opponent is unable to play cards to counter it. It’s not only powerful, but it’s also very affordable.

In addition to the ‘Musteeer’ card, you can also find some other great defensive cards. Musketeer and ‘Balloon’ can both kite troops from a tower, making them nearly unstoppable. The Mega Minion and Dark Prince are also great defensive cards. You can also use Baby Dragon, Furnace, and Dark Prince to control the swarm.

Another popular deck is the Tornado/Baby Dragon combination. This combination is extremely effective at getting rid of enemy units, particularly those on defensive stands. The Royal Giant should be the center of the deck. However, it is important to have other support units around it. If you don’t have a Golem, a Tornado or Baby Dragon will do the trick. Once your Golem has crossed enemy territory, you can then deploy your supporting units.

The Mortar deck is also a good choice for this Arena 8 deck. It has a unique blind spot, but it has great defensive powers. Its ability to attack enemy towers is unparalleled. Its ability to dig directly into enemy towers is another great advantage. In addition, the Mortar has a powerful spell called Clone, which can spawn troops when it defeats an enemy unit.

Another strong deck at this level is the Balloon and Miner deck. This combination is very cycle and is powered by the Balloon card. It can also attack towers, inflicting chip damage to them. This deck is very efficient and well worth a try.

Another great Arena 8 deck is the Ice and Fire Deck. It’s also very affordable. It has good defensive and attacking skills, including Bats as Anti-air troops. Fireball and Log also deal maximum damage. They are also versatile and can serve as win conditions in a game. The Royal Snow Bow Deck is another interesting Arena 8 deck that offers great versatility.

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