Best Deck For Lava Hound

How to Build the Best Clash Royale Lava Hound Deck

A Lava Hound deck is a good choice if you want to build a Clash Royale deck. These decks have a low Elixir cost, and can put a lot pressure on your opponent. These decks include a Bomber attack card and minions to assist your defense. Mega Minion, Miner, Bomber are all great investment cards. When you build a Lava Hound deck, you’ll need to pay attention to your opponent’s cards and be willing to act accordingly.

Lava Hound Decks should be balanced between power and cost. While it may be tempting to play a Lava Clone deck first, it’s not recommended. If you do want to use a Lava Hound deck, wait until you have at least one double elixir. This strategy is risky. If you are able to ignore an opponent’s attack, you can use the Balloon for a double elixir.

While a Lava Hound deck is not a top-tier deck, it does have a few strengths and a few weaknesses. A lava hound is very tanky, and it can deal the least amount of damage in a single attack. It should be cycled frequently, especially during double-elixir or triple-elixir times. A knight is also an important card for this deck. A lava hound deck also features a couple of mini tanks – an ice golem and an ice spirit. These units are extremely useful in countering attacks.

The Lava Hound is an excellent tank and can be used in support roles with a Knight or Mega Minion or another attacking unit. Support cards include the Miner, Skeleton Dragon, Skeleton King, and Tombstone. An Inferno Dragon is another useful addition to a Lava Hound Deck. It is a ranged attacker that is cheap and can survive Arrows Logs and Zap. Lastly, a Lava Hound deck can use the Ice Golem to soak damage and provide time to build the Arena Tower.

Lava Hound decks are flexible enough to play against most meta decks in Clash Royale. The Lava Hound is an excellent opening play. Its damage is greatest when it is placed behind the King Tower. You should avoid placing it at the bridge, which makes it easy to block. This deck is great against main counters such as the balloon.

A good lava-hound deck can be paired with a baby dragon or night witch. This deck can also use a baby dragon to take out lava pups, and a flying machine for air defense. You can clone the baby dragon or lava hound to make the deck stronger. These decks can be very challenging and will require extra elixir and a swarm of lava pups.

The Super Lava Hound challenge is a new Clash Royale challenge. It features the Lava Hound, one of the best legendary cards in the game. This challenge gives you a legendary token and a legendary wild card. To win the Super Lava Hound Challenge Deck, you must build the best deck possible to beat the challenge.

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