Best Korean Bbq Philadelphia

The Best Korean BBQ and Hot Pot Restaurants in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, you can experience some of the best Korean barbecue and hot pot restaurants. Many of these restaurants serve a variety of Korean BBQ and hot pot dishes, and they even have unique drinks, such as flavored lemonade and frozen pina coladas.

Ahgassi Gopchang, an elegant Korean steakhouse, offers bibimbap beef, kimchi pancakes, and other unusual dishes. The menu has traditional Korean dishes and modern interpretations. You can choose from chicken, pork, beef brisket and chicken or order a two for one special. A variety platter, which includes fatty and smoky beef tenders and hog stomach, can be ordered for $200.

Seorabol is another great option. This Korean restaurant Philadelphia offers a wide range of classic and Korean dishes as well as Korean BBQ. The restaurant also has a bar and karaoke. You can expect a great meal here from friendly and helpful staff.

Seorabol in Olney has a sister location in Center City. Soon, the son of the original owner will open an alcohol-only restaurant. With Buk Chon, which served bibimbap and other Korean dishes, the Chungs introduced Korean food into Philadelphia’s Old City. Their new digs have added a more modern ambiance for their Korean barbecue. The gochujang sauce is so good, in fact, that they sell bottles of it.

Korean food can be found in many different locations around Philadelphia, and if you don’t want to leave your home to enjoy Korean food, there are many Korean takeaway and delivery options. There are more than 60 Korean restaurants in Philadelphia. You can browse the menu on the app and place your order, and you can even track the food’s ETA. Postmates can also be used for delivery

Parks BBQ is the best Korean BBQ in the city. Although it doesn’t have the same party atmosphere as other Korean BBQ spots, Parks BBQ offers the best quality meat. Parks BBQ can be expensive so make reservations well in advance if your visit is on a weekend or during peak times.

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