Best Legendary In Clash Royale

Best Legendary in Clash Royale

The best legendary in Clash Royale is a very tough choice, but there are a few cards that have stood the test of time. If you’re looking for a legendary that can handle any situation and get the job done, we recommend the miner. He can counter six elixir with just three, and he’s also very useful against lava hounds.

The newest legendary in Clash Royale is the electro wizard. The newest version of this legendary card is no longer vulnerable to fireballing, making it an ideal choice for a giant or golem. It’s also not susceptible to sparky, and can hit 2 targets at once. The downsides of this legendary card are its vulnerability to spamming and skeleton armies.

The best way to use this legendary card is to combine it with a troop to provide a balanced attack. While you shouldn’t buy it right away, you should make sure it matches your other troops. You should also pay attention to where you place it. For example, a powerful arrow can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Another great feature of this legendary is its ability to attack multiple opponents at once and damage towers.

Once you reach 3000 trophies, you’ll be rewarded with a Legendary card. These cards can be earned through conflict, and they provide unique attacks and abilities. They can also be gained from a free chest slot. This way, you don’t have to waste energy and Trophies on a useless chest.

As the game continues to expand, you’ll find even more Legendary cards. As of writing, there are 18 Legendary cards available in the game. Despite their differences in rarity, they’re all extremely strong. So, which one is best for your team? There are a few key factors to consider before choosing a Legendary card.

The first two cards are the Ice Wizard and the Goblin Barrel. These are the two most common legendary cards, but you’ll also find many legendary cards that aren’t as common. If you’re looking for a legendary card that’ll give you a boost in the battle, consider going with the Ice Wizard. He’ll help you get the kill you need to win.

Lastly, there’s the musketeer, who’s both a good choice on offense and defense. This unit is best placed on the other side of a tower, because it can take out both ground and air units. It’s a great pick when paired with an ice spirit.

The Mega Knight is another good choice. He’s a good counter for a royal giant or hog, and can stop an enemy push. He can also help you attack a tower, but it doesn’t do much damage.

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