Best Log Bait Deck

How to Build the Best Log Bait Deck

Log Bait decks that slowly chip away at the Tower of your opponent are the best. However, this deck is not good when it comes to games with more than one Tower. It is crucial to play defense in such games. For this reason, it is necessary to have a strong Rocket in your deck.

You need a plan if you want to win Log Bait deck matches. If you’re using a deck that will build chip damage throughout the game, you’ll need to be able to apply pressure to make your opponent spend elixir defensively. This deck is a great option against opponents using balloon or graveyard decks.

Log Bait decks have many advantages over other types. First of all, it’s strong against most other types of decks. As long as you have a strategy in place, you’ll be able to defeat any deck. You can also use the deck’s powerful spells to defeat your opponent’s deck.

Log bait decks often contain multiple types of creatures, making them a great choice for many players. These include the princess and the goblin gang. In addition to zap, this deck also features a knight to help with chipping damage. Inferno is a strong spell that can chip away at a log and zap is useful for killing towers. A zap deck can also be an effective choice if you have heavy tanks and towers.

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