Best Mortar Deck

The Best Mortar Deck

A Mortar deck can be a good choice for F2P players because it offers good attack and defense potential. A good mortar deck will have a 2.6 average elixir cost. A good mortar deck will also have a decent amount of investment cards like Ice Golem, Skeletons, and Mega Minions. This deck is good at defending the base and securing a tower.

While a Mortar deck is strong against Hog Rider, it also has several good defense cards. The best way to defend your Mortar is to position it in the middle or opposite lane. It can also be countered by a Knight. You can also use cheap troops to take down Hog Riders.

Choosing the right units for your Mortar deck is critical to the success of your strategy. Mortars can be paired with hogs or bats, and they are both great secondary offensive units. Moreover, the hogs can shut down a counterpush unit. In addition, a mortar can easily take out a minion horde.

The Goblin Gang is another good choice, as it serves as a defensive unit as well as an attacking one. However, this deck is not as strong as Skeleton Army because it cannot move quickly. Ice Golem is very powerful for both attack and defense, and Ice Golem will distract big pushes away from a tower. The Log, on the other hand, can help by pushing troops away from the tower and killing small ground troops.

The best Mortar decks are F2P friendly and can be a good choice for F2P players. The main idea is to besiege your opponent’s towers using other cards like Musketeer and Goblin Gang. You can also use Skeleton Barrel to surprise your opponent.

A Mortar deck can also be used in different decks, which means that you can use different cards. For example, the Fire Spirit Minion can be used in a Mortar deck, as can the Ice Golem Mega Minion. Skeletons can also be used in a Mortar deck.

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