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How to Find the Best MTU for PS4

There are several factors that influence the speed of your PS4 internet connection. In addition to MTU, signal levels and the speed of your internet connection can also impact your gaming experience. Bumping up your bandwidth can improve your download speed, but it can also cost you more money per month. The best MTU for PS4 will depend on your specific circumstances, but for most users, the default settings are enough.

Firstly, the MTU size determines the size of data packets that are sent across a network. It default value is 1500 bytes. A lower MTU will result in smaller packets, which should reduce latency. A higher MTU will lead to faster download speeds but will also result in more packet loss.

Maximum transmission unit (MTU), is the maximum size that can be transmitted over a wired connection. A higher number is better for faster speeds. However, a smaller number will cause excessive heat and lag in data transfer.

Open the PS4 settings, select Network, and you will find the best MTU. From there, select ‘Setup Internet Connection’. Then, choose whether to use Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Selecting the latter option will save you the trouble of customizing settings. You can also manually set the MTU setting to your liking.

The MTU value is the most important parameter for PS4 gaming. Many people change this value without understanding how it works. It is similar to right-clicking on the “refresh” button on a computer to change the MTU value. The result will be the same: the gaming experience will be slower.

In order to manually change your MTU, you must first set up a proxy on your PC. You can find many free proxy servers on Google. Read reviews and choose one that works for you. Note down the IP and port number before turning on your PS4. After you have done this, turn on the PS4 and enter your new value in the settings box. Afterwards, you should reboot your PC and check your connection.

You can also use the find a new session feature if you play on PS5. This feature is available on both PS4 as well as PS5. It’s much better than having to wait in a public lobby. Moreover, there aren’t many players in the public lobby, which means you can get it all to yourself.

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