Best Nature For Arcanine

Best Nature For Arcanine in Generations

Arcanine is a versatile Pokemon that has a variety EVs and unique strengths. It is a runner and can maximize physical bulk, as well as attack with special moves. It is also capable of spreading hazard damage, phasing, and setup sweepers. It is also good at defending against Porygon2 Download boosts.

Arcanine’s main weaknesses include a lack of quality moves and a shallow move pool. Flare Blitz is the only standout move. It works off STAB and has an above-average Attack stat. Its main drawback is its recoil which can reduce its HP.

The type of Pokemon determines the best nature for Arcanine. Its best stats are Attack and Speed. Arcanine has a strong horn made of rock. The Hisuian Arcanine is more powerful, but it also gains the Rock-type. This gives it powerful offensive moves.

In competitive battling, Arcanine can be a sweeper with decent support, but it is also a decent matchup. The best way to maximize its strengths is to choose a Physical Attacker build. When equipped with Intimidate, Arcanine will lower the opposing Pokemon’s Attack stat when they enter battles, and you can boost its health by equipping a Sitrus Berry.

The offensive stats of the Hisuian Arcanine are very high. It has 115 Attack and 95 Special Attack. This makes it a strong mixed attacker. Arcanine’s best nature is Hasty, which drains Defense while boosting Attack and Speed. Lonely will boost Attack and Speed.

Flash Fire is Arcanine’s most reliable, but it isn’t the most useful. Flash Fire can be useful in certain situations and will boost its ability to deal damage. Flash Fire allows Arcanine to change into Bisharp, but does not grant Arcanine an increase from Defiant.

Howl can boost Arcanine’s Attack stat, but it can also cost Arcanine HP through the recoil, so timing sweeps may be difficult. Arcanine can learn psychic moves such as Agility at level 1. This increases its speed. Psychic moves such as Flare Blitz are great last-ditch moves for taking out bulky opponents.

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